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CircusLeeds -

Hi everyone!

We're CircusLeeds, formerly known as Leeds Children’s Circus. We’ve been around since 1989 and now offer classes for both children and adults, hence the name change. We are a registered charity run by a mixture of amazing volunteers and superb circus artists who are passionate about circus, community and bringing people together to have fun!

We offer a safe and supportive environment for everyone in Leeds and beyond to learn the art of circus skills. From learning to juggle for the first time to taking part in really challenging aerial practice, there’s something for everyone.

We run circus skills and aerial classes for beginners, improvers, children, and adults. Regular classes, workshops, performances and projects take place at our base in Harehills Lane Baptist Church in Leeds where we have a very large cupboard full of circus kit: from diablo to unicycles, tight-wire to juggling balls, there’s lots of stuff to try out. Upstairs in the gym, we run aerial classes where we teach trapeze, silks, and hoop.

Check us out: www.circusleeds.org.uk 😊

York Jugglers - - Vorredner

Hi, welcome to Juggling Edge, it is really good to hear of a circus/juggling club in Yorkshire that is thriving.

Do you want to update the listing for Circus Leeds (Leeds Childrens Circus) in the Juggling Edge Club listings www.jugglingedge.com/club.php?ClubID=1688 . If you add yourself as organiser you should be able to edit it.
Then hopefully even more circus enthusiasts in Leeds will be able to find you.

Best of luck with all your classes :)



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