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Chris Freemantle -

I'm mid 60's. Used to do a little bit of juggling / balancing a broom on my foot / spinning a plate or tray (people didn't like it when I did it with their best plate ;-). With lockdown have sort of started with 3 balls again - muscle memory is not bad, but reactions have taken a little knocking. I suppose I'm aiming for 5 balls, but may revise! Also learning to unicycle. What I really wanted to ask on the forum is : fountains are normally done with the same number of balls in each hand. While I understand it would likely be VERY difficult, is there any intrinsic reason you can't do fountains with, say 3 balls in one hand and 2 in the other, or 2 balls in one hand and 4 in the other? I've tried the trivial case of one ball in one hand (OK, not really juggling) and two in the other - seems possible with a bit of practice.

The Void - - Parent

Hi Chris,
Yes, you can do split-number fountains. I've done 3-2. The issue is that it means you're doing different rhythms with each hand, which does tend to mess with your head!
Try it anyway, it's a fun challenge,

Mike Moore - - Parent

Hi Chris, welcome!

Here are a couple examples that I did a few weeks ago of what you're describing.

Kelhoon - - Parent

You could do a 3-2 fountain as Void described and also (if you understand site-swap) as 666660 i.e. 3 in one hand, 3 with a hole (leaving 2) in the other, couldn't say which was the easiest. Click the highlighted numbers to get an idea of what it looks like.

Tufty - - Parent

There's different ways of doing these, as pointed out previously, and it's all a bit patting your head and rubbing your stomach.

Probably the easiest is with a "hole", much like practising 5 balls with 4, or, indeed, doing a 3 ball columns pattern but in a fountain. I found this easier to do "in sync", but it's harder to get into from a cascade.

Next easiest for me was with differing heights. For 5 balls this would be 6s in one hand and 4s in the other, the feel is a bit like 534 with 4 balls. Pretty easy to get into from a cascade, you could probably swap sides too but that would mean being able to do the 6s with the non-dominant hand, something I never managed. It could probably evolve into something like 645 (I think that works)

Then there's the in-and-out-of-sync way, which I never managed to get my head around for more than a few throws. Its throwing "half a hole" with one hand, and it's a horrible headfuck.

I've never tried any of these with anything more than 5 balls, cause I'm crap at numbers.

Cedric Lackpot - - Parent

> is there any intrinsic reason you can't do fountains with, say 3 balls in one hand and 2 in the other, or 2 balls in one hand and 4 in the other?

It's sometimes referred to as polyrhythmic juggling and was explored in some detail a few years ago by Joost Dessing amongst others. If you are lucky there might be some old videos lurking on the web.

Whatever happened to Joost?

Richard Loxley -

Jon Udry's Variety Bungalow - tonight!

Jon is starting up a live online variety show, with the first performance tonight at 8pm BST (UK time). It's free to watch, with any donations being shared amongst the performers.

To watch:

To donate:

To read more about it on Facebook:

I have no connection other than knowing and liking Jon, and intend to watch tonight :-)

Tufty - - Parent

That was pretty good, although goddamn twitch eats so much bandwidth that my wet string internet couldn't deal with giving me more than 5 seconds out of every 20 in live streaming. Watched it in full this morning, unfortunately some copyright asstroll got the end of the audio cut. Who was the diabolo guy, he was hilarious.

Richard Loxley - - Parent

That was Marky Jay on the diabolo. He's a big fan of Mexican wrestling!

I would point you to his website at but there's an issue with his website at the moment as the SSL certificate has just expired. (I've got in touch with him to alert him to the problem.)

But hopefully that will get sorted soon, so I'll leave the link here as it might be working again by the time people read it :-)

Tufty -

Turns out the small furry 4 legged denizens of the alps have reduced my juggling balls (already rather aged, they probably date back to 1989 or so) to mere scraps of knawed cloth and a few husks of millet. My white silicon balls and my oddballs have gone crumbly, although the pink silicones are OK. So I'm in the market for some new balls.

Tempted by the spotlight silicones, but not sure what size I need, I'dbe looking for something the size of my old beanbags but don't know what size that is, and it seems the sizes of beanbags have multiplied by confusing amounts since I've been off the scene. I like firm beanbags, not the stretchy type, any idea what would replace my old ones (spotlights, maybe, they came from odballs back in the upper street days)?

Cheers for any advice...

rainbowalice - - Parent

I replaced my beanbags with MMX balls - like beanbags they don't roll too much when dropped because it's not a hard shell and they're filled with seeds, but unlike beanbags they stay round when manipulated and throw.

They're soft to the touch and very firm - there's a little give if you squish them, but it's not like a beanbag.

Specifically I got the MMX1 - they're 62mm diameter, and 110g, so quite small and actually lighter than a lot of beanbags and great for 5 (I would say "5+" but that would falsely imply I can do the "+" :D ). Too small for doing three for an audience I'd guess. There are larger MMX balls too.

Here are the MMX1

I can confirm they're not mice proof! I used to have some larger MMX balls, mice eat through the shells!

(btw I'm in no way affiliated with either oddballs or play juggling!)

Tufty - - Parent

Cheers for that. How do the MMX balls compare to the Beard DXs? I tried those when they came out, frankly I hated the feel, couldn't get on with them at all.

I'm thinking I need to get me to a convention and play with some of the various types of balls IRL, there's supposed to be one in Geneva in September, if the covid lurgy hasn't shut everything down again by then.

rainbowalice - - Parent

I've not tried the Beard DX, but according to this page

"The main difference is how the outer shell feels. DX are made from a rubbery material and MMX have a softer feeling like a latex baloon."

Tufty -

Hey hey hey.

So, it's been a while. A long while. 20 years, more or less, that I've been out of the juggling circuit. 20 years older, less hirsute, and with a bit more baggage around the midriff. Saw Haggis on the Jonathan Pie skit, was gutted to hear that Arabella had died, I had no idea. Then one of Luke Wilson's videos popped up on my youtube feed (his first performance at the Circus Space Cabaret, here -, and then I found out that he'd passed on as well. Tragic.

Anyroadup, I've pulled a few of my old props out of storage. I can still do 5 balls relatively solidly,and most of the old 3 ball stuff is still bang on, thanks, muscle memory. And I just had a pop with the parasols. First time in literally 20 years that I've picked them up, my old RJ balls are dead, so had to use a cheap kid's football, which is way too light, 10 minutes of playing and I can do the curls again. Got some ideas for all that, but they won't involve black light and crappy techno this time :)

A big hello to any of the old Circus Space crew who are still about, I see St3void's still around and active, if any of you are liable to be in the French Alps at any time you'd be most welcome to come and crash.

Tufty - - Parent

If anyone wants a laff, here is literally the first time I picked up a parasol and spun stuff on it in 20 years. Sound's atrocious, framing's not much better.

The Void - - Parent

Blimey, hello. Nice to see you spinning the brolly again. Although it's not the same without someone saying "That's my Daddy! And he's wearing make-up!" in the background. #YouHadToBeThere.


Tufty - - Parent

Hah, that was hilarious. She's 28 now...

Cedric Lackpot -


Stupid Reddit link, click through, it's worth it.

rainbowalice -

Rolla Bolla sliding forward


I've recently started the rolla bolla and have a problem: as I balance and roll left and right, the cylinder slowly slides forward under the board.

I take care to align the cylinder and the board properly. What would cause it to slide forward? Am I putting too much of my weight towards the back or the front? Are my feet somehow not in the right place?

I'm using a play juggling rolla bolla (so it has rubber bands on the cylinder) and I'm practicing on carpet.

Any thoughts appreciated, thanks :-)

Mini - - Parent

The best advice i can give for RolaBola is this

its all in the shoulders.

if you focus on keeping those level and static you can forget about whats going on further down.

7b_wizard - - Parent

does the carpet have thicker and thinner areas maybe so that your roller boller isnt level, else i dont know.

Daniel Simu - - Parent

It would be the easiest to help you if you provide a video, but my guess would be that you rotate the board a bit when you move, and that way walk the board backwards.
If you check to see if the alignment remains correct while you're balancing, maybe you find out what's going on?

Also, carpet is great when you're just starting out, but as soon as you don't feel like the rola bola is dangerous any more, I'd recommend to move to a harder floor. For example you could put a wooden board under the roll, so you can keep training on the same place in the room.

Good luck!

rainbowalice - - Parent

Ok, thanks for your input everyone :-)

I think I'll start by getting a board to put on the floor so I can practice on a hard surface (presumably it doesn't need to be bigger than the balancing board itself?) and if that doesn't help, I'll film myself to see if I'm somehow moving the board on top of the cylinder when I balance.

I will post updates here :-)

rainbowalice - - Parent

I've solved the issue!

It took more than a week of frustration, trying to change how I moved, ensuring my hips were not twisting, checking how I put my weight on the board and so on until it turned out the problem was the Rolla Bolla.

The Play Bolla has small ridges inside which a thick rubber band is fitted. This provides better grip with the board. I've not yet determined which components was wrong (the ridge, the band or the fitting) but it turned out the rubber bands caused a small asymmetry in the cylinder, which in turn caused the board to slide one way or the other.

I have proven this theory by simply removing the rubber bands - the problem was solved instantly.

I've not tried to put them back yet (which is why I don't know if the issue was the fitting or one of the parts) as I like it more this way anyway, it feels more responsive.

I will write to Play and ask them their thoughts on this. If this is common they should put a note with the product.

Thanks everyone who chipped in some suggestions!

rainbowalice -

Introduction :-)

Hello :-) I've just joined the Juggling Edge.

I started juggling in the late 90s and juggled throughout the naughties. I lost interest in the early tennies.

I recently got back into it, probably because of lockdown effect. My eyes get tired because of long hours on the computer (and phone),
and I've found toss juggling can cause eye strain, so I've diversified and I'm now learning rolla bolla and ball spinning.

Which is why I'm here as I want to ask some rolla bolla advice (in another post) :-)

Mike Moore -

The 3Play series is still great. So thanks for those, Peter.

A couple nice words I was reminded of recently:

pumpkineater23 - - Parent

That's a lovely thought. Thank you Mike.

kimoi - - Parent

Your videos are definitely some of the best juggling videos out there, you were my biggest inspiration for the first few months that of juggling and I have yet to see someone who is better than you at 3ball juggling. (that is subjective, of course), I feel like you have literally hit a cap on how clean some of the patterns you do can be juggled haha. Insane stuff man!

I don't want to pressure you, but have you considered uploading a new video? or perhaps getting an instagram which is pretty popular for juggling content aswell? :)

pumpkineater23 - - Parent

Hey thanks for that. There's so much jugging I'm seeing online.. so amazing, beautiful and many many levels higher than mine, really my 3b is pretty bland and basic by comparison.. but big thanks for your great compliments! It's truly a great time to be around for those of us interested in 3b juggling, there's an abundance of mind-blowing stuff to watch and be inspired by.

I still juggle a little most days and I enjoy it. Playing around with it though, I haven't really been putting any time into serious practice for the past few years. During the 'lockdown' I've been trying to learn 531 with the 3s carried across. It's one I've wanted to be able to do for a while. Finding it difficult to lower the 5s and run the pattern.

I might film some juggling soon and see if anything interesting pops up, and if it does I'll upload it.


kimoi - - Parent

It's great to hear that you are still juggling, I was afraid that you had quit. And yes, I completely agree! there are so many amazing 3b jugglers out there and the rate of me finding them has only increased since I started following Japanese jugglers on instagram and twitter. I may be a bit biased towards you though as you were one, if not the first juggler I really looked up to heh..

Is the 531 from this video that lookes like a cross-columned inverted box the one you are reffering to with the carried 3 thing?

pumpkineater23 - - Parent

That's the one. He's a great juggler!

Mike Moore -

IJA festival workshops are open to everyone this year.

Not just members! If you have any requests for people or topics, let me know and I'll try to make it happen. I'll be doing dots and inverted box, and maaaaybe inverted sprung cascade.

And if you want to teach a workshop, let me know that, too!

(This is kind of a business post, and kind of a personal post. For those who don't know, I'm the chair of the IJA).

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