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Mïark -

Message from EJA about EJC 2023:

Last night the EJC teams announced that the EJC for 2023 passed from France to Ireland.
A close count in terms of votes, France was originally elected to host the event, by the jugglers attending the VEJC General Assembly last July. Unfortunately a problem with camping space has meant that the decision was made to withdraw from hosting, and Ireland (in consultation with the EJA) has agreed to take over the event.
We are very, VERY grateful to both the French and Irish teams for their co-operation and efficiency in this time, plus all of the hard work that both teams have already invested in their projects.
We look forward to visiting Ireland in 2023, and look forward to France's next bid for the event.
Further details can be found with the two teams announcements here:
And more news will follow at the European Juggling Convention 2022 in Tres Cantos!
See you there.
-EJA Board

For those unable to access facebook, you can see details of the Ireland bid at


7b_wizard -

Do you sometimes fail and drop because your monotoneously endured pattern has hypnotized you into sleep?

Maria - - Parent

No, I never keep a pattern for nearly long enough for that. I did juggle a 3c cascade for 20 minutes once, but that was years ago.

I tend to spend most of the juggling time on stuff I can't do yet.

7b_wizard - - Parent

Yeh, I'd have guessed so, by the wealth of passing patterns of your repertoire.

Mike Moore - - Parent

Yes. It's always so shocking!

7b_wizard - - Parent

Oooh-kaaay, I can then see you striving dearly for being among the neverdroppers.
So, wishing you a good constellation of the stars for that then ;o}

Marvin -

Here are all the links posted during December 2021:


Little Paul -

Circus Geeks have just put the whole of their Beta_Testing show up on YouTube, split into chapters.

The first one is here

I shudder to think how long ago this show was (2014 ish?), but I’m having a lot of fun rewatching it!

Little Paul - - Parent

My favourite part of the show will always be this routine…

Arrons facial expressions really make it for me

7b_wizard - - Parent

great, enjoyed it a lot. the second fish made me laugh out aloud :D

Richard Loxley -

Holiday events on

Once again we're having a few online events over the holiday period on Juggling Family.

To join the fun:

Hope to see some of you there :-)


All times are GMT / UTC


Fri 24 Dec
9:00pm - 10:00pm
Christmas Eve drinks
Got everything sorted for Christmas? Drop into the video chat with your favourite drink. Or if you're still frantically wrapping presents, feel free to chat while you do jobs. Richard will be hosting, so even if you don't know anyone, say "hi" to Richard and we'll try to make you feel welcome 🙂


Sat 25 Dec
all day
Christmas Day text chat
Bored on Christmas Day? Pop into the text chat and see who's around. Make new friends, and maybe join a video chat if other people are up for it.


Sat 25 Dec
10:00pm - 11:00pm
Christmas Day check-in
A video chat to chill-out and check how everyone is. Christmas Day may be different to normal this year, but we're here to look after each other. Richard will be hosting and will welcome you even if you don't know anyone.


Sun 26 Dec
3:00pm - 5:00pm
Solving the Guardian Everyman crossword
We solve the crossword collaboratively using screen-sharing. Beginners welcome.


Mon 27 Dec
8:00pm - 10:00pm
Monday night social chat
We meet every week to chat about nothing in particular. All welcome. You don't have to have attended the Altern8 club in Bristol to join in!


Marvin -

Here are all the links posted during November 2021:


Jonathan Fudge -

Super excited to be here listed with all these other amazing groups of jugglers. If you get a chance to stop by, we would love to see you!


Jonathan Fudge -

Hello everyone!

I'm Jonathan Fudge out of Tampa, Florida and am working on putting together a juggling club in the North Tampa area.

When I'm not juggling, I run an entertainment business and a balloon decor business.

I also have a daughter, wife, and soon no pets.

I enjoy learning new things, playing chess, gardening, watching shows, and hanging out with friendly people.

david - - Parent

Hi Jonathan, welcome to the Edge and greetings from the Coconut Grove Juggling Excange, also in Florida.


The Void - - Parent

Hi, and welcome.

Although "....and soon no pets." has interesting overtones. ^_^ Good luck to all pets involved.

Richard Loxley -

This video about a home-made electric monowheel is quite fun - it turned out better than I'd expected!

7b_wizard - - Parent

°mouooooohrrrh° .. this. is. so. greedy!
A real privile(d)ge to be watching it.

Amanda Miller -

Well Hedo there!:) my name is Amanda and I’m a baby juggler. I really want to meet others in the city that wanna
practice and play as much as I do and a safe place to become the
artist I wAnna grow into.
I’m currently practicing juggling (the basics of it) but I’m also looking into magic (I mostly starting to look into magic with top hats) I’m also looking into the unknown like Acrobatics, cloud swinging. I’m also new to the city so I’m not sure whaT festivals to check out and get involved in.

The Void - - Parent

Hedo to you too. You don't say which city or country you're in, so check out the Clubs section to see if there's a juggling club near you. (And of course, if they're meeting again, since the apocalypse, etc.)
Welcome to the site, and good luck with your juggling journey.

7b_wizard - - Parent

Hi there, °wow°, how. en. ter. pri. sing. a. spirit! :-) good luck w\ every single and the whole of all your ideas!

Tufty - - Parent

Well, that's certainly a niche. I've seen photos of puppy juggling, and I've been practicing kitten kickups for a while myself, but I've never seen baby juggling done on stage.

Seriously, though, welcome, and do follow the advice to find a local club. If you're in a city, that shouldn't be too hard to do, and juggling "in company" is loads more fun than by yourself.

Danny Colyer - - Parent

Here you go Tufty (not quite juggling, but anyway):

Tufty - - Parent


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