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Richard Loxley -

Reminder: it's the mini Virtual Bungay Convention tomorrow!

Starts about midday tomorrow (Bungay time), lasts until the end of Tuesday.

To join in, go to

You need to answer a simple question to get in, if you don't know the answer, just contact us and persuade us you're a juggler and not a spambot :-)

See you tomorrow,



Tufty -

As an answer to my previous thread bout what bals to buy, I've just finished making up a set of "russian" balls. They're actually canadian, but hey.

Started off with a set of cheap cold-weather street hockey balls, "winwell" brand, chosen because - well - it's what the local hockey supplier had in stock, Ø65mm, 50g each. Cost me €3,50 each over the counter, you can pick them up for a bit less online. Sliced them open with a Stanley knife blade (other cutting tools are available) and added 45g of salt, glued them up with some PVC adhesive and then taped the edges together until the glue set. They're flexible PVC, the adhesive (which is pvc dissolved in acetone to produce a gel) effectively welds them shut. This means the ability to tweak the weights is "limited", but I don't think I really need that anyway. The only worry I have is that, as the seal is (or should be) hermetic, they might collapse at lower altitudes (I live at 900m).

First impressions? I like them. Need to avoid spinning them as you throw, but they "plant" really nicely in the hand. Size is about right, and they're lighter than I'm used to for beanbags.

Mike Moore - - Parent

Fun fact: that's the kind of ball that Gabrielle Foran (undisputed women's distance joggling champion) uses. I'm not sure if she used the same sealing method as you, but I /think/ hers are also air-tight, and she hasn't had problems with them in a variety of locations. Mind you, we're at ~333 m.

Tufty - - Parent

OK, with a bit more play time, here goes.

I like the surface finish. this is down to the actual balls I used, but they're sort of velvety, and quite grippy. Markings and excess PVC glue came off nicely with some acetone, leaving them pretty smooth. I buggered up the joint on one of them, leaving a noticeable edge, but it's not a major issue.

For numbers, they're pretty nice to juggle. If you put any spin on them, they tend to wobble and crash the pattern, I think this will eventually lead to more consistent throws. Weight is about right for 5 or 7 ball, 92g per ball. This weight wasn't chosen, I was going for 100g but mis-measured the first one I did. woopsie-doodles. I can flash 7, which I feel is pretty good after 20 years with no practice.

They're not overly suited to 3 ball stuff, I think. Maybe because my 3 ball juggling involves a lot of movement, I suspect that this puts them off-balance at the point I make the throw.

I was expecting them to be better at body traps. Any sideways movement, however, tends to make them wobble off-balance and I can't catch that yet, I guess I'm naturally correcting for something with a fixed centre of gravity. I'm dropping arm and head catches every time, head catches seem to roll off the back of my head - overcorrecting, I guess. On the other limb termination, however, vertically dropped foot catches feel very much within reach.

What's very nice is that they don't tend to roll away. Or if they do, they roll around in a circle, then stop suddenly.

York Jugglers -

Re-starting juggling meetings after lockdown, what precautions should we take?

We stopped meeting for juggling in March, but we have now been told our juggling venue is open again though with a few safety rules and a limit of twenty people.

We have been trying to think of what extra safety precautions we should take to make sure juggling is as safe as possible. So far some of the ideas we have come up with are:

  • Do not come to juggling if you have Covid symptoms or have been near somebody who has Covid.
  • We will take a register and have everybody's contact details.
  • Everyone to wash their hands on arrival.
  • Everyone to bring their own juggling props.
  • Everyone to keep 2 metres apart.
  • Everyone to bring their own tea mugs and still keep apart when sat down for tea break.
  • We will keep windows open to increase ventilation.
  • No loud music so people don't need to shout (we don't normally have loud music anyway).

Has anybody else re-started their juggling meetings or have any good ideas of other precautionary measures we could take?

pumpkineater23 - - Parent

Apparently, humidity can play a huge part in the transmission of COVID19. The droplets instantly become heavy when the air is wet, and fall to the ground. They hang around for far longer in dryer air. Both heating and air conditioning dry the air significantly.

Orinoco - - Parent

The elephant in the room is will you allow passing?

Is it really a club meeting if you can't pass?

el_grimley - - Parent

For the Wellington club we don't allow passing under our level 2 lockdown in NZ. Solo is fine. No juggling clubs allowed for level 3 or higher.
Level 1 is back to normal.

david - - Parent

One more suggested caveat - Don’t feel obliged to come if you are afraid or don’t want to use public transport.

Alice - - Parent

I have submitted a risk assessment to our landlords,I have said that passing not allowed (initially, am hoping to introduce) unless you are in each other’s social bubble. Keeping details for track and trace and making sure everyone who comes agrees to this. Subs must be paid online or in exact money, kit bags spaced around the hall and we have max numbers that can juggle at any one time, no sharing of equipment ( unless already ina a bubble with each other). The club will supply hand sanitiser and wipes that I will absolutely not be stealing from work. I have offered to do temperature checks if the landlords want but it doesn’t really have any value. Strict it rules for opening and closing the hall. Haven’t heard back yet but fingers crossed for September.

Tufty - - Parent

I'm not sure the jury's totally back in on whether temperature checks are useful or not. The real question there would be cost based unless you already have access to an IR thermometer etc. I suppose you could insist on rectal thermometer readings*, but that might somewhat limit participation.

If you're actually serious about limiting the potential for spread, there is no reason you can't insist on masks.

* rectal or under-tongue readings are pretty much the only ones that you can rely on. You can use the same thermometer, the only difference is the aftertaste.

5balls - - Parent

We have restarted juggling meetings in Tübingen, germany, when it was allowed.

However we are still juggling outdoors (as far as the weather permits - also I should update club information here on the edge and on the webpage - we are in fact meeting again). We are about to start juggling indoors again soon, so it is interesting to read what other people think.

We follow all the rules you have written (we don't have a tea mug rule... nobody drinks tea here before / after juggling yet ;)) but we allow passing patterns for the people who like to do so (which are the same close group of people everytime, so if there is a spread it will be kind of limited).

As far as I know the risk of transfering Covid via objects is fairly low* and not the main infection path (which is via droplets and aerosols) and it can be lowered even further if everyone uses hand sanitizer before and after and does not touch his face in between.

Still - with passing manipulation patterns one does get closer to other people so it is of course a higher risk than juggling alone standing apart from each other. On the other hand one is then constantly changing position so it is less bad than - let's say sitting next to each other in a restaurant where there is no air movement and critical virus concentration can be reached. As far as I know the german contact tracing app only registers close contacts with a time of over 15 minutes.

Maybe interesting are some rules in germany for indoor training (this is specific for the state of germany I'm in, Baden Württemberg... other states have similar but different rules), of the top of my head:

+ If the sport is contactless (solo juggling) there should be at least 10 square meters per person
+ If there is the possibility of some contact situations there should be at least 40 square meters per person
+ Maximum number of people in group is 20 (but there may be more than one group if the facility is big enough)
+ One needs to make sure a distance of 1.5 meters is kept, also when using showers or toilets
+ If there is direct contact in sport, it should be made sure, that it is always the same people who have close contact (for example in partner acrobatics - which is allowed again - people should not change so much)
+ Contact information for each training session needs to be collected and destroyed after four weeks

*Interestingly it seems to be even lower on rough surfaces which is kind of counterintuitive for me.

Maria - - Parent

We didn't shut down our juggling meetings (except when we thought the gymnastics club we are part of had cancelled our reservations for the gym, that was about 4 weeks in march-april).
The only thing we have done is bring hand sanitizer and a small poster reminding people to stay at home if they have symptoms, wash their hands before and after juggling, and avoid close contact. It's up to the participants to decide what close contact means, and whether they want to pass clubs or not. We are all adults (our youngest member is 17).
The flow club that we share practice space with did cancel their meetings during spring, though, which means we were only 4-5 people there each time, maybe 7 different people in total. (Our club needs more members....)
We don't have tea breaks but usually go to a cafe after juggling. We kept doing that but often ordered take-away and sat somewhere outdoors.
Now things are pretty much back to normal, the flow club is back, we still have the hand sanitizer and the poster.

unicycledotcom - - Parent

Durham City Jugglers re-opened on the 8th September after quite a bit of discussion among the club and with the community centre where they meet. The community centre have been following the government procedures and have put in enhanced cleaning facilities, one way systems and installed gel dispensers in the hall and corridors etc.

The club did a separate risk assessment and procedures in parallel to that. As the club is only small and adults we think we think it is controllable. Here are some of the relevant points to this discussion:

    Contact points cleaned by organisers before and after the club with disinfectant spray.
    Everyone cleans hands before entering and leaving the hall.
    2m distancing and limit the entry to enforce this.
    Track and trace document produced for all people attending.
    Club equipment may be used... but must be returned to a "dirty box" and then only combined at the end of the meeting.
    Passing. After considerable advice on this we decided to allow this to go ahead but under strict rules. Equipment should be cleaned before and after use. Hands must be cleaned before and after use using the gel cleaner. We also warned about touching anything other than clubs during the passing ie face or clothing.

ok... first week went well and all seamed good. Then on the 9th September the UK Government announce that it is restricting groups to 6 people.

The UK Government is rapidly updating their guidance and it looks like community activities like juggling clubs are exempt from this 6 person rule as long as they conform with their other guidelines. Here is the main relevant document we believe relates to juggling clubs:

This all seams such a fluid situation that everything is under review, but this is where Durham City Jugglers is at the moment.

Rey Diaz -

Hi I am new to Juggling; following Michael Gelb's idea that juggling promotes accelerated learning and team-building.

The Void - - Parent

Hi Rey,
Welcome to juggling. Articles claiming juggling "is good for....X" pop up every few years, and they may or may not be true, but one thing's for sure: juggling is fun. Especially if you're able to meet other jugglers. Obviously, that's way harder right now, and possibly reckless, but check out the Clubs section here to find your nearest club, and head along when it's safe to do so.

7b_wizard - - Parent

Hi & welcome, Rey.

Tufty - - Parent

Hello Rey

I'd generally avoid any claims made by management consultants, but I notice Gelb's book is co-authored by Tony Buzan, who knows a thing or two; the learning stuff could have value, juggling does, after all, involve rewiring your brain to do new and unintuitive things. My experience of people selling "team building", though, is that it's 95% snake oil and 5% bullshit.

However, as my learned colleague Mr the Void says, juggling is mostly about fun. Jugglers are a pretty affable group overall so I'd second the suggestion to (when it is safe to do so) find a local juggling group, unrelated to work, and make some new friends. Juggling, and specifically the jugglers I knew and know (including the aforementioned Mr the Void) pulled me out of a deep depression around the tail end of the '90s, it would not be too much to say that they probably saved my life. Was it a worthwhile effort on their part - who knows?

Yeah, juggling's great. Have fun.

The Void -

Bungay Balls Up 2020 Virtual Edition #2!

We're coming back with a second virtual edition of BBU next month. Hope to see you there.
We're going to hold a second VIRTUAL Bungay Balls Up. See you there! #BBU2020V2
— Bungay Balls Up (@BungayBallsUp) August 16, 2020


Cedric Lackpot - - Parent

Just been trawling around the intertubes trying to find out whether BBU IRL is still going ahead in Sept, and answer came there none. Is this instead of or in addition to the proposed Sept 4th-13th dates?

The Void - - Parent

Instead. No live event this year, alas.

Cedric Lackpot - - Parent


kimoi -

Is it normal to be able to run the 5 ball cascade for 300+ catches without much trouble, but at the same time not be able to do more than 4-ish rounds of any siteswap? I spend most of my time practicing different siteswaps with 5 balls yet I never seem to improve much on them.

7b_wizard - - Parent

For my part, I think, it's normal ..
with some work / time put into it, I would get to about ten rounds of a trick - I like towers - which is then already 50 throws of it, being a respectable fraction of even hundreds of catches of the cascade endured.
Siteswapping truly IS genuinely different from doing a same kind of throw on and on, I say; there's more vivid 'music' in them, melody, rhythm, beat, funk, anything, and the chance to miss a certain throw is unlikely greater, and also you have to get .. no, wait, I'll start this sentence anew .. also heights, spacing, thrust thrown, impact of landing props, and surely more aspects and properties of a pattern, are all slightly or notably different, thus all in all more difficult to master.

Daniel Simu - - Parent

Definitely normal.
I can run 5 balls for 10 minutes, but the only siteswaps I have ever managed to run for 30+ rounds are 744 and some synch patterns I think.

James Hennigan - - Parent

What siteswaps are you working on? Also, have you learned any with 4 balls?

kimoi - - Parent

I'm practicing 97531, 753, 744, 9444, 645 and 6x4 mostly and I go through all of these in my practice sessions and I can run 10+ 4 ball siteswaps without much trouble. Do you think the problem could be that I switch between a lot of different siteswaps instead of grinding out one siteswap forever until it's solid?

Tufty - - Parent

No, I think it's just that a lot of siteswap patterns are intrinsically bloody hard to do, and the slightest variation in trajectory can blow things up a way down the line. Juggling 5 in a standard cascade, if you get one throw a bit "off", maybe throw a 5-and-a-half or off to one side, you can mostly recover. Throw a seven-and-a-half in 753, the problem shows up further down the line and in a place where it's difficult to recover.

Doing several siteswaps in one session worked for me, "grinding" patterns isn't my thing. Maybe that's why I'm rubbish.

James Hennigan - - Parent

Different jugglers practice in different ways, but I can tell you what worked for me.

I think the some of the most important 4 ball siteswaps for 5 ball juggling are 534, 633, 7333, 7441, 7531, (6x,4)(2,4x) and (6x,4)(2,4x)*. I think it would be a good idea for you to work on these if you haven't already.

In your original post, you said that you struggle to do 4 rounds of any of the 5 ball siteswaps. You might be wasting your time working on 97531 if you struggle with 4 rounds of 744. 744 is easier than 753, which is easier than 97531. Therefore, it makes sense to work on them (or at least, prioritise them) in that order. (Some jugglers may disagree with this, saying that working on things way outside your current skill level is a good idea. I don't think spending loads of time on these things is productive.)

In my opinion, 744 and (6x,4)* are the easiest 5 ball siteswaps for beginners. When I was at your level, I spent most of my time working on them. You will probably make faster progress if you focus on a smaller number of tricks. Your progress with 744 and (6x,4)* will, in turn, benefit your other siteswaps.

The Void - - Parent

Maybe you think they're trivial, but I think (6x,4x) and 73 are easier than those. One sided, admittedly, so learn them both ways, like I didn't. (Hmmm, wonder if that has anything to do with why I'm rubbish at... nah, nothing, nevermind...)

Julien_H - - Parent

It seems pretty normal to me, running a 5 balls and running 5 balls siteswaps is pretty different. When you do a 5 balls cascade, you always throw at the same height, same movement etc ... So you can just "lock" your arms into doing the same thing. It does not need to be "perfect". So when the dreaded time to throw a 7 or else comes, you need to relearn a brand new way of juggling 5 balls.

There's really a gap between juggling 5 balls and doing 5 balls siteswaps. Some are harder than the others.

What really helped me was to learn more complicated and advanced 4 balls siteswaps. It's easier compared to the 5 balls ones, and it can train you to do some high and funky throw combinations! It's also good for the mind because you can learn those patterns in a few days / weeks compared to weeks / months for the 5 balls one.

Orinoco - - Parent

As everyone else has said, definitely normal.

I'm curious though is there something specific that makes you think that wouldn't be the case? Too much Youtube perhaps?

Mïark -

The European Juggling Association is looking for a new President and a new Treasurer, starting at the end of August.
Applicants interested in the two separate voluntary roles of President of the EJA, and Treasurer of the EJA can find more information about what the roles entail at the following links:

The ideal candidates will have a good understanding of the European Juggling Convention, ideally having worked on a few of them and understand their differences, similarities, and how they are organised.
If you have any questions, send an email to the EJA Executive Committee: directors (at)

To apply, send an email outlining why you'd be a good fit for the EJA organisation. A CV outlining your past experience would be very helpful.
If you meet the essential criteria, you will be invited to meet the Board and team online on the afternoon of Sunday the 30th August, for a conversation where the EJA Board will vote on who will fill this role. You will know the results of the decision right away.
Deadline for questions: 20th August 2020
Deadline for applications: 25th August 2020
Board meeting with interviews: 30th August 2020.

Mïark - - Parent

Should have mentioned the EJA exists to ensure that the European Juggling Convention happens every year (except when there is a Covid pandemic) and to promote juggling in Europe.
The word Juggling is used to mean all amateur circus skills, not just what the americans call "Toss Juggling".

nrjuggler -

Introducing: JuggleGym

I have created a new juggling simulator. Inspired by JugglingLab, but written from the grounds up to run within your browser, with mobile support of course. You can also add it to the home screen of your phone. You can find it here:

Warning! Beta -- it can still be a little bit rough around the edges. Feedback is welcome!

Daniel Simu - - Parent

Nice nice! I like how you've made it look!

Some things I noticed
The text in the input field is not selectable, I was confused when I couldn't do that. - correction: On chrome I can select, on Firefox(win10) I can't...?

In some cases when entering an invalid siteswap I get red text, in some cases I don't

What is beat shift? I noticed it only works on synch patterns, but couldn't figure out what happens if I change the value

All in all, works well, will definitely try on mobile too!

nrjuggler - - Parent

Dankjewel! :-) The input field selection issue has now been fixed. There is a random siteswap generator available now as well. The siteswap validation (red text) still needs work though.

As for the beat shift, I think you meant to say that it only works for async patterns right? That is correct. Suppose the time between two throws of the same hand is one second. Then, typically, the left hand throws at T=0s, the right at T=0.5s, and the left at T=1s. So, each beat is spread half a second apart. But, you can shift the beat to throw more closely together or further apart. To see how that works, simply use "3" as a siteswap and drag the slider.

Daniel Simu - - Parent

Hoi Raymond :-) No, I meant synch patterns. For some reason the slider seemed disabled on most patterns, except for synch patterns. Right now it does seem enabled for both, but only show effect on the asynch one, and the effect is rather obvious now. Thanks :)

The generator is a nice addition, but to me a long list of siteswaps is not very interesting. It becomes much more useful once I can filter, for example excluding 2's or finding only 3 beat patterns. Also you could add excited state patterns :)

david - - Parent

Very nice. I especially like the ability to rotate my point of view. And, of course, passing.

With Safari on an iPad I couldn’t access the text entry box. I was a little confused with the passing patterns until I realized there were two labelled one- count. After a little while I saw that the text description changed appropriately between them. They were both one-count, I guess the real problem is we don’t have widely accepted names to distinguish them. Perhaps a * or #, etc for the less well known varieties.

I also got lost poking random spots and had to reload the page. No biggie. Thanks for sharing it early, I can use it as is to explain patterns to people.

rainbowalice -

Cirque du Soleil Best of Juggling

For those who haven't seen it yet (it came out Friday):

For some reason there is a shortened version of Anthony Gatto's act, while Viktor Kee is way, way too long (ahem, I've just never liked Viktor Kee's act... Question of taste I suppose, as a lot of people seem to like it!)

In terms of show I love Gabriel Beaudoin in Kurios, because it's not a separate juggling act but fits into a larger piece.

A lot of other cool acts in there!

Kelhoon - - Parent

I enjoyed that.

2 acts stood out to me, 1st the light-up balls in the cone and 2nd the bounce juggling on ice.

The 1st because I think it's one of the better uses of light-up balls that I've seen, the 2nd because I kept thinking wet silicon would be so tricky to juggle.

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