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Dohregard -


I'm Matt form the KC area and I have only been jugging for about 3 years, but I've been dancing for over 20 and spinning stuff for about 13. Right now I'm trying to learn some new stuff with clubs, still trying to get my head around a 3 poi pendulum cascade and trying to clean up some of my 3 ball patterns. I started going to my local juggle club about half a year ago and it's been pretty great! I started trying to do some partner passing with rings but I'm not great at that yet, it's pretty fun!

Hope yall have a good day!

The Void - - Vorredner

Hi Matt,
Welcome. KC= Kansas City, I assume. I wondered if pendulum cascade was the same as Mike's Mess, but I looked it up and it's not. Maybe you can add that one to your list for later. Good luck, and keep having fun.

7b_wizard - - Vorredner

Welcome, Matt!


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