Hey ya’ll!

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Denie Kony -

Hey ya’ll!
I am Denie (she/her)! I got back to juggling after many years and I am just slowly getting back to shape. I juggle with balls and got myself clubs last month. I have also been a dancer for over 15 years and would like to bridge that to my juggling. Still no idea how to do that, but that’s why I am here! Any tips are much appreciated <3
Been looking at Liza van Brakel, Ricardo S. Mendes and Kouta Oohashi so far for inspiration, still no clue how to do anything similiar to what they do.
Anw happy to be here.

The Void - - Vorredner

Hi Denie, welcome.
Not a dancer myself, but Gandini Juggling have been incorporating dance/movement with juggling for years now. You might like to check out some of their vids. https://juggling.tv/users/616/Gandini

The Void - - Vorredner

(Ah, looks like the JTV embeds aren't working with https links. *throws a wet sponge at the webmaster* Let's see if they still work without the s ...)

Denie Kony - - Vorredner

Thanks for the tip! Will check it out!

Kelhoon - - Vorredner

Hi, welcome to the site,

Have you looked in to contact juggling (aka object manipulation) ? I ask because it's the kind of thing I imagine would go well with dancing.

Someone else for you to find videos of would be Viktor Kee, I tend to think of some of his stuff as kind of dance-y and artsy.

Enjoy learning new things !


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