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Nick Huxley -


How do I ressurrect and update club listing when it classed as defunct? UCL Juggling club survived COVID but moved to a Tuesday. Is the approach to just start a new club in the listings page? That would lose the history of this one including the members down as alumuni.


Mïark - - Vorredner

Hi Nick,

is this the listing? https://jugglingedge.com/club.php?ClubID=1343

To edit you need to have organiser status; to get that: change your status from Regular Member to Organiser and wait for that to be approved by one of the current Organisers already listed on that page or by one of the Juggling Edge admins.
Once approved as Organiser you are free to edit it (approval depends on how quick they respond - might take some hours)
I think the Organiser(s) gets an email telling them that someone is seeking approval (but I could be wrong about that) otherwise they will see an alert when they next log in to Juggling Edge

Don't worry about the title Organiser, it doesn't mean you claim to be the person running the club, just the person responsible for keeping the listing on Juggling Edge up-to-date

I think is better to update the old page rather than start a new to save confusion, glad to hear a club has survived the Covid Lockdown

Nick Huxley - - Vorredner

Thanks Miark,

this is indeed the club. I managed to fudge the correct URL to say it is alive by using the one I get for the Peckham club as a template.

I can set myself as an Organiser but I don't think any of the people labelled as Organiser are even still there to approve it. The current actual organiser is also called Nick funnily enough.

The Void - - Vorredner

Hi Nick,
Wanna see some ancient history thereof?


Nick Huxley - - Vorredner

I always knew you'd been a member but didn't know if you actually studied at UCL. Apparently I am the longest attending member having first gone some time around 2007. This is amusing as I never went to UCL for any part of my tertiary education as I went to another university and ran the club there, as Dave Barnes can attest to and indeed yourself as I'm sure you went to at least one convention I ran. The really odd part is that I've been going so long that my daughter is now older than some of the students...
I am actually in the process of trying to start up a new juggling club, but this time on the Isle of Wight. I suspect I'll have to subsidise the whole thing but then I am not a student anymore and can probably afford it. I am impressed by how white you've managed to keep that t-shirt.

The Void - - Vorredner

I never studied at UCL, I just ran the juggling club for a year, 'cos stuff happens. And yes, I went up NW in 2004. The tee has been buried in a draw for decades, and has just gone back. :-) Good luck with IOW.


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