Im looking for this juggling music which is heard in these 2 videos but…

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TheFlagshipJuggler -

Im looking for this juggling music which is heard in these 2 videos but they’re both different, It’s nearly impossible to find and nobody on reddit has been able to tell me, i’m praying that someone on here can help me find this song cause I really need it for my shows in the future, please and thanks. (1st song) (Starts at 1:10)(a bit sped up)

barnesy - - Vorredner

The Google app has impressed me recently with its 'search a song' button. I had my hopes but it found nothing for this one. I guess that's because it's played live and noisy here!

THe music seems a bit generic to me: can you not use something else and make the performance more 'you'?

TheFlagshipJuggler - - Vorredner

Im going to be a jester for some performances so thats why Im still on the look for this song, been a month and no hope.

Richard Loxley - - Vorredner

It's not uncommon for circus acts to have music composed specifically for their acts. This definitely sounds like "show" music, rather than a piece of general purpose music.

So it may have been composed for that circus, or for that juggler? If so, you'd probably need permission from them to use it - and they may well be reluctant to let other people use it.

Or it might just be generic sheet music that the circus band is playing.

The second video seems to be this circus:

It's unclear whether the first video is the same circus (in a different tent) or a different one.

I think the juggler is the same in both?

TheFlagshipJuggler - - Vorredner

Nope, the 1st juggler is cylios speed juggler back in 2013 and the 2nd is Samuel Pauwels.

7b_wizard - - Vorredner

I believe to have heard a few beats of madness - "Our House", in the 2nd one; but it's more of a guess.


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