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5balls -

Hi Orinoco!

I'm using your jugglingedge API now. If you see some moderate traffic from jonglaria.org or conventiontickets.de (a new domain for a central juggling convention ticketing system in germany) - that is me. Shouldn't be too much though, after some initial debugging the daily cache should work now.

Florian (from Tübingen)

Orinoco - - Vorredner

Hi Florian, yes traffic is coming through nicely. I love to see it! I've also just had a couple of convention organisers from Germany get in touch to join the Edge which is clearly down to your efforts, thank you very much!

I'm interested to learn about your ticketing system too. I can't see a way to view the system on the homepage is it not live yet or do you have specific links to specific events?

I don't know if you are aware of the Edge Registration System. If you want to have a look around I've just given you access to my "first test" register. If you go to: https://jugglingedge.com/registration/ you will have a link to "My registers" in the top right hand corner which takes you to a list of the registers you have access to. The register link goes to the list of test orders in the system & the menu link gives you access to all the set up & report pages. Please feel free to have a play as much as you like!

5balls - - Vorredner

Hi Orinoco,

I don't know, if I caused anyone to join, but I like jugglingedge and tell people about it, so could be :). This is all very early with the registration system (although they want to run the registration of #DropGmbHAichtal very very soon over it), so I didn't add any links to the actual registration pages on the startpage yet as of yesterday (I did add some API generated list of conventions running over the system today though). They decided to use an open source solution "pretix" for it.

I'm aware of the Edge Registration System and mentioned it alongside the system which Andreas Nitsche programmed, when we had a first networking meeting of juggling convention organizers in germany some weeks ago. I think one problem mentioned was that for the system of Andreas he (very understandable with a full time job and probably other obligations) couldn't really put enough time into maintaining it on the level required for the EJC, or something along those lines (those in the know, please correct me, this is just plausible hearsay from my part). So I think part of the decision to use "pretix" was that there is a developer working full time on it and one can get commercial support from him if needed.

As for myself, I've programmed a quirky registration system for #TuebingerCon9 and I think I like to hang on to it for a bit longer :). Special features include an age dependant price (last time we had < 6 years free entry, 6 < 11 1 Euro per year of age, 12-17 20 Euro, >=18 28 Euro and another set of different prices if you didn't register in advance) and this year I plan to make a CO2 optimizing carpooling feature for the convention participants. Those stuff is difficult to do nicely in an off the shelf system and I don't like the (at least perceived) software bloat.

Still I'd like to see what you came up in the Edge Registration System and I might have a look later, thanks a lot for the access!


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