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The Void -

https://jugglingedge.com/event.php?EventID=5724 <- add yourselves if you're coming (hidden status, if you like)

Little Paul - - Vorredner

Well would you look at that.

I was only wondering about the BBU dates yesterday and here they are!

The Void - - Vorredner

While it's nice to know that the 2019 prices have been confirmed, I wondered if any of the orgs might think about putting the 2023 prices on https://www.bungayballsup.com/prices/ , and/or the Edge event page? Ta.

Richard Loxley - - Vorredner

I've emailed the relevant people about updating the website prices.

I've also designed a flyer for BBU but I'm waiting on confirmation of prices to publish it.

The Void - - Vorredner


The Void - - Vorredner

Ah, there they are. Ta, folks!


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