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LizzyPeat -

Newbury Juggling club (UK) is not meeting for the foreseeable future, our hall rang today to tell me they have cancelled all bookings in order to protect their elderly residents from the virus of evil. Sorry everyone!

With best wishes,
Lizzy Peat

Orinoco - - Vorredner

Sucks, but I think it is for the best.

A couple of friends & I have tickets to see The Cat Empire in Brighton tonight. We've all decided not to go :(

Social distancing FTW!

John R - - Vorredner

As of today, Hullabaloo (Leeds Juggling Club) and Bedford Juggling Club have both closed for the foreseeable future, too.

I plan to take up tiddlywinks. Bah.


Orinoco - - Vorredner

Mïark has also done a great job marking events as cancelled over the weekend. I cancelled a couple more last night after notifications from organisers. I suspect more will follow suit & more have already been cancelled but we've not heard.

I'm curious though, is there much sentiment among people that clubs & events should continue right now? There isn't among most people I know.

Alice - - Vorredner

Personally I think we have a social responsibility to try to heed government advice which is to avoid unnecessary social contact. I hate missing the club and having to cancel but this this has not even started yet, if the models are correct in a few weeks we will Well and truly in the s**t, this situation is unprecedented and largely unknown and, until we do know more I think we have to trust the experts.. Who suddenly seem to be back in fashion!

Mïark - - Vorredner

Spinning@ are also closed for the time being.

Would it be a useful thing to have an open ended "Closed until Corona Virus risk calms down" rather than trying to guess when the club will reopen for the club listings? Or is it a lot of work for not much gain? Or do club organisers need a date so they can come back and mark their club as now open or still closed.

There are quite a few events in April just waiting to see what their government regulations/advice or venues policy is.

Guess a lot of jugglers will be practising solo skills till things clear up

York Jugglers - - Vorredner

York Jugglers will also be closed until this virus is over, at least we can still practise at home, there may be a huge improvement in the standard of solo juggling by the time meetings start again.


The Void - - Vorredner

#Altern8 club in Bristol is now also suspended until further notice.


Cedric Lackpot - - Vorredner

Leicester Jugglers closed for twelve weeks minimum unless we find another venue :(


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