Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic many events have been cancelled, some are being postponed, some are moving online. This database is being updated as and when information becomes available.

Please do not attend any gathering until your country's social distancing restrictions have been lifted.

Juggling events 2011

EventStart dateDaysCountry
Danish Juggling Convention 20112011-01-073Denmark (Danmark)‎
Turbo Fest2011-01-073Canada‎
47th Annual MadFest Juggling Festival 20112011-01-143USA‎
Jeu(x) de Piste à l'Espace Catastrophe, c'est reparti pour un Tour (de Piste) !2011-01-1769Belgium (België)‎
Sydney Juggling Convention2011-01-225Australia‎
Tropical Islands Invasion IV2011-01-246Germany (Deutschland)‎
CHOCFEST - York's Juggling Convention2011-01-291UK‎
JugglersPark2011-01-291Germany (Deutschland)‎
Damento Fest 20112011-02-043USA‎
Groundhog Day Jugglers Festival2011-02-043USA‎
9. Havixbecker Sciention 20112011-02-111Germany (Deutschland)‎
Ballring Convention 20112011-02-121UK‎
Volleyclubturnier im Rahmen der 9. Havixbecker Sciention !2011-02-121Germany (Deutschland)‎
The 19th New Zealand Juggling Convention2011-02-174New Zealand (Aotearoa)‎
Victoria Juggling Festival2011-02-183Canada‎
Winter Juggling Convention (Winter Jongleer Weekend)2011-02-183Netherlands (Nederland)‎
Jugglefest XVIII2011-02-253USA‎
Bath UpChuck 20112011-02-261UK‎
Jugando con números: taller/grupo de trabajo sobre malabares y matemáticas2011-03-0413Spain (España)‎
Juggle This!2011-03-052USA‎
Professional Residential Clown Course2011-03-0628Spain (España)‎
Dresdner Jonglierfestival2011-03-113Germany (Deutschland)‎
Juggle Mania Starring Peter Panic and The Airborne Comedians2011-03-111USA‎
Northwest Arkansas Juggling Festival2011-03-113USA‎
19th Annual UW Juggling Festival2011-03-122Canada‎
Humboldt Juggling Festival2011-03-174USA‎
Dublin Circus Convention2011-03-253Ireland (Éire)‎
11. Bremer Jonglierconvention2011-04-013Germany (Deutschland)‎
34th RIT Spring Juggle-In2011-04-013USA‎
MONDO JuggleFest XXII2011-04-013USA‎
Delftse Jongleerdag 20112011-04-031Netherlands (Nederland)‎
April Fools Juggling Festival2011-04-083USA‎
Festival "Rencontre des Jonglages"2011-04-083France‎
Tucson Juggling Festival2011-04-083USA‎
British Juggling Convention 20112011-04-157UK‎
18th Israeli Juggling Convention (IJC)2011-04-205Israel (ישראל)‎
Drübber Gauklertreffen2011-04-216Germany (Deutschland)‎
Swedish Juggling Convention 20112011-04-214Sweden (Sverige)‎
GMTW-German Muni und Trial Wochenende2011-04-224Germany (Deutschland)‎
Isla Vista Jugglers Festival2011-04-223USA‎
Little Apple Juggling Fest -- the epilogue2011-04-223USA‎
Monkey See, Monkey Do! (Vassar College Barefoot Monkeys)2011-04-223USA‎
pa(a)sfestival2011-04-224Netherlands (Nederland)‎
5° Convention di Giocoleria della Brianza2011-04-285Italy (Italia)‎
1. Giessener lange Jongliernacht 20112011-04-292Germany (Deutschland)‎
2nd METU Juggling Convention2011-04-293Turkey (Türkiye)‎
European Yo-Yo Meeting 20112011-04-293Spain (España)‎
MarteLive 2011 sezione Circo2011-05-0335Italy (Italia)‎
Congress of Jugglers 20112011-05-063USA‎
Santa Cruz Juggling Festival2011-05-063USA‎
Lestival IV - the 4th Leicester Circus Festival2011-05-071UK‎
2011 Flatland Juggling Festival2011-05-133USA‎
Festival de Cirque de Montreal2011-05-133Canada‎
2011 Ann Arbor Juggling Arts Festival2011-05-141USA‎
4e Journée de la Jongle Toulousaine2011-05-141France‎
Juggling Convention Freiburg im Breisgau2011-05-203Germany (Deutschland)‎
Mikulov jugglers contest - Mikulovské Kejklířské Klání2011-05-203Czech Republic (Česká republika)‎
** CANCELLED ** 2011 Sonoma County May Madness JuggleFest2011-05-211USA‎
Bungay Balls Up 20112011-05-2110UK‎
The Royal Roundtower Uniracer Rally2011-05-211Denmark (Danmark)‎
The Juggling Launch Pad2011-05-233UK‎
Shoebox Tour2011-05-261UK‎
19ème rencontre des Fous D'la Jongle2011-05-272France‎
Alberg.Circus 52011-05-273Portugal‎
Jay & Wes Juggling Workshop/ Shoebox Tour2011-05-281UK‎
Moab Arts Festival2011-05-282USA‎
Professional Residential Clown Course2011-05-2928Spain (España)‎
Boudu La Jongle2011-05-316France‎
Barullo, International Circus Movement2011-06-015Mexico (México)‎
Juggling Home :-)2011-06-011Germany (Deutschland)‎
*** CANCELLED *** Eksjö Juggling Convention *** CANCELLED ***2011-06-025Sweden (Sverige)‎
Dutch Juggling Convention2011-06-024Netherlands (Nederland)‎
Thomas Dietz Workshop 20112011-06-024Germany (Deutschland)‎
Circalira 22011-06-041Spain (España)‎
OJC3 - Oxford Juggling Convention2011-06-041UK‎
Poi Art, Poi & Juggling Meeting2011-06-041Turkey (Türkiye)‎
Donald Grant "Get your Act together"2011-06-064UK‎
Nordic Juggling Convention 20112011-06-094Finland (Suomi)‎
Peter Davison's Up in the Air2011-06-0910USA‎
Southern Lights Festival2011-06-094UK‎
Schokon 2 - (Rostock Convention)2011-06-104Germany (Deutschland)‎
2nd Annual Junction Jugglefest2011-06-122USA‎
Pentimento - Le Lac Des Cygnes2011-06-1430France‎
Stage Craft Workshop with Brad Weston2011-06-143USA‎
Boulder Juggling Festival 20112011-06-173USA‎
Spin Out2011-06-173Canada‎
Juggling Day on world Juggling day (Žonglerski Dan)2011-06-181Slovenia (Slovenija)‎
VIII Intríngulis2011-06-181Spain (España)‎
World Juggling Day (Apathy) UK2011-06-184UK‎
Berlin Juggling Convention | Berliner Jonglier Convention2011-06-234Germany (Deutschland)‎
2nd Annual MadSkillz Vancouver 2011 Flow,Juggle, Spin,,,2011-06-243Canada‎
SummerFlame - Festival of fire and moving arts2011-07-014Serbia (Република Србија)‎
V Street Art Festival Ulicznicy: Juggling Days2011-07-013Poland (Polska)‎
WJF 72011-07-056USA‎
"Passing Fancy" Juggling Convention2011-07-084Australia‎
25ème Festival Suisse de Jonglerie à Genève.2011-07-083Switzerland (Schweiz)‎
French Juggling Convention at Bigoud'N Jongle2011-07-108France‎
I.Badalona's Volleyclub Championship2011-07-101Spain (España)‎
Glückscon, die 6. Göttinger Jonglierconvention2011-07-153Germany (Deutschland)‎
Wieserhoisl Offroad Juggling Convention2011-07-153Austria (Österreich)‎
Christian Jugglers Association Convention2011-07-161USA‎
2011 IJA Juggling Festival2011-07-187USA‎
13ème convention de jonglerie de Carvin2011-07-205France‎
The 11th Bestcoast festival2011-07-225Norway (Norge)‎
Play Festival 20112011-07-275UK‎
Carnaval Sztukmistrzów2011-07-284Poland (Polska)‎
Professional Residential Clown Course2011-08-0128Spain (España)‎
34th European Juggling Convention, Munich, Germany2011-08-069Germany (Deutschland)‎
Crawley Circus Festival 20112011-08-062UK‎
Flow Feast UK - 20112011-08-132UK‎
1st Pinzgau Juggling Convention2011-08-184Austria (Österreich)‎
3. Organic Dragon Juggling Convention2011-08-193Germany (Deutschland)‎
10th International Juggling-Theatre Workshop ALEJE 20112011-08-207Czech Republic (Česká republika)‎
PaTTeRns in SPace - juggling in motion2011-08-227Italy (Italia)‎
V Street Art Festival Ulicznicy: Fire and Drums contest2011-08-263Poland (Polska)‎
Juggling with Finesse Workshop with Kit Summers2011-08-272USA‎
Hannover Con - Brot und Spiele2011-09-023Germany (Deutschland)‎
Hurricane Hugo Juggling Festival2011-09-022USA‎
Not Yet A Juggling Convention2011-09-031Belgium (België)‎
PLOPP! Pyramidal Juggling Festival 20112011-09-084Germany (Deutschland)‎
Zirkonvention2011-09-084Germany (Deutschland)‎
FDC 2011 - Finnish Diabolo Convention2011-09-093Finland (Suomi)‎
ACROS 'A Gogo' sur Surfaces élastiques Tous niveaux <Travail par atelier2011-09-171Belgium (België)‎
Bristol The Number 1 Juggling Convention2011-09-179UK‎
Pentimento - Le Lac Des Cygnes2011-09-172France‎
The Magic Touch2011-09-181Belgium (België)‎
II encuentro malabares y circo matavenero2011-09-215Spain (España)‎
Burning Bizarre Convention2011-09-233Germany (Deutschland)‎
Jonkoping Juggling Convention2011-09-233Sweden (Sverige)‎
Kansas City Juggling Fesitval2011-09-233USA‎
Melbourne Juggling Convention 20112011-09-234Australia‎
MALABAD 2011, IV Badalona Juggling Convention2011-09-303Spain (España)‎
Portland Juggling Festival2011-09-303USA‎
Philly Fest 20112011-10-012USA‎
Tight-wire Masterclass with Bernie Bennett2011-10-012UK‎
6. Turkish Juggling Festival2011-10-037Turkey (Türkiye)‎
Märchenhafte Jonglierconvention, 11. Pälzer Jongliertreffen2011-10-064Germany (Deutschland)‎
Smokey Mountain Juggling Festival2011-10-073USA‎
VII "Malabaria" Juggling Convention2011-10-073Spain (España)‎
Japan Juggling Festival 2011 in Tokyo2011-10-083Japan (日本)‎
Manchester Juggling Convention XIII2011-10-081UK‎
5-3-1 Festival of New Juggling2011-10-143Finland (Suomi)‎
15th Durham Juggling Convention2011-10-152UK‎
Donald Grant "Get your Act together" Masterclass2011-10-184UK‎
St. Louis Jugglefest2011-10-213USA‎
German Wheel Workshop2011-10-222UK‎
XIII Convención Chilena de Circo y Arte Callejero.2011-10-274Chile‎
ZirkuLaer Nº7 - The Chill-Convention2011-10-283Germany (Deutschland)‎
British Kendama Association Southern Regional Championships2011-10-301UK‎
13ª Convenção Brasileira de Malabarismo e Circo2011-11-025Brazil (Brasil)‎
Convencion Argentina de Circo, Payasos y Espactulos Callejeros2011-11-025Argentina‎
25th Brussels Juggling Convention2011-11-043Belgium (België)‎
Not Quite Pittsburgh Juggling Festival 42011-11-042USA‎
CIRCULATION - Circus, Arts and Music Festival2011-11-115New Zealand (Aotearoa)‎
juggling convention Nürnberg2011-11-113Germany (Deutschland)‎
MKJC2 - Milton Keynes Juggling Convention 22011-11-121UK‎
Next meeting of the UK Youth Circus Network2011-11-121UK‎
Allgäuer Artistik Convention2011-11-183Germany (Deutschland)‎
Neusser Jongliernacht2011-11-192Germany (Deutschland)‎
Schärding Juggling Convention2011-11-253Austria (Österreich)‎
Circus Futures - Contemporary Circus National Showcases and Conference.2011-11-302UK‎
Leeds Juggling Convention2011-12-031UK‎
Hamburg Juggling Night2011-12-101Germany (Deutschland)‎
Passout 92011-12-279Germany (Deutschland)‎

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