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Freitag, 11 März 2011 to Sonntag, 13 März 2011


Northwest Arkansas (UA in Fayetteville on Friday and Jones Center in Springdale on Saturday)



The Northwest Arkansas Juggling Club is proud to announce that Jay Gilligan and Wes Peden are traveling all the way from Sweden to Northwest Arkansas for the NWA Juggling Festival! Wes and Jay will headline our Saturday night show!

If you haven't seen any videos of Jay Gilligan or Wes Peden, be sure to look them up on youtube!

The University of Arkansas Razorback Jugglers' Juggling Club is proud to announce that Matt Hall will be traveling all the way from California and will be headlining our Friday night show! Here is a link to Matt Hall's website and youtube account for more information on him:

In addition to performing in our Friday night show, Matt will teach a couple workshops, and also do a short performance on Saturday night.

Also, if you need to get some great juggling balls, Brontosaurus Balls will be at the festival selling juggling balls! Here is the Brontosaurus Balls website:

This year the Northwest Arkansas Juggling club is teaming up with the Razorback Jugglers in hopes of making our festival bigger and better than ever before!

Friday March 11th the juggling will begin at the University of Arkansas HPER Building in gym 1 from 3PM-11PM. This gym boasts a 35' ceiling with plenty of square footage for juggling. During this time there will be some juggling combat, club passing, FREE snacks, and a FREE show at 8PM.

Saturday the juggling will be at the Jones Center for Families. The Jones Center is open from 8AM-10PM. Come take advantage of the Jones Center's 50' foot ceiling at the basketball gym and indoor track with plenty of square footage for unicycles, and huge passing patterns. If you want cool off from juggling, walk down the hall to the Jones Center's Olympic sized ice skating rink and skate for $2, or you can go to the other side of the gym, go swimming for $2, and slide down the giant 30' slide in the indoor pool. Saturday there will be numerous juggling games, unicycle races, some prizes, a raffle, and a show in the chapel. Then on Sunday we'll juggle some more, unicycle, and practice other circus arts as we see our juggling friends off. The entire weekend is FREE and open to the public.

In addition to all the juggling in the gym on Friday and Saturday, we will have after hours juggling and Sunday juggling at a local jugglers' juggling warehouse. Also, we have crash space available if you're traveling from out of town and need a place to crash (just let us know before hand via email or facebook if you need a place to crash (the crash space is quickly filling up!). Please email us for more information. Thanks! We hope to see YOU March 11-13 at our completely FREE juggling festival!

Here's the festival website:

Here's a link to a few hotels that are centrally located between the Friday juggling location, the after hours juggling location, and the Jones Center (where we will be juggling on Saturday):

Holiday Inn Express:
1251 North Shiloh Dr.
Fayetteville, AR, 72704

Comfort Inn & Suites
1234 Steamboat Drive, Fayetteville, AR, US, 72704
Phone: (479) 571-517

Homewood Suites
1305 North Palak Drive
Fayetteville, AR 72704
(479) 442-3000

If you only really plan on going to juggling on Saturday at the Jones Center, here is a hotel and a bed and breakfast that are near the Jones Center:

This bed and breakfast is within walking distance (approximately 1/2 mile) of the Jones Center:

Also, I found some cabins and campsites for rental that are only a few miles from where the after hours juggling will be. Here is a link to them if anyone is interested in booking one of the cabins or camping there:

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