Pearls of Juggling Italian Mountain Retreat Level 1: Unlocking Creativity and Movement

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Montag, 23 September 2024 to Freitag, 27 September 2024


venti di terra, gricigliana, Tuscany, Italy




Celebrating 10 Years of Pearls of Juggling

Pearls of Juggling Italian Mountain Retreat Level 1: Unlocking Creativity and Movement

A 5-Day Residential Retreat for Jugglers in the Heart of Italy

Led by Anthony Trahair, juggler, yogi, life coach, and author of Pearls of Juggling

Join us for five days far from the everyday hustle, nestled in an inspiring old barn amidst the mountains near Prato in Tuscany, surrounded by chestnut trees. Picture an immersive community experience, where we hone our skills with unprecedented focus, drawing inspiration from nature walks, yoga, taiji, and creatively playful sessions.

Here's what awaits you:

Break away from static juggling routines and infuse your practice with dynamic movement. Learn to harmonize with your props, creating a captivating dance of coordination and grace.

Connect Mind, Body, and Props: Explore the intimate relationship between body awareness and juggling proficiency. Through guided exercises and playful experimentation, rediscover the joy of moving in synchrony.

Cultivate Stage Presence: Develop commanding stage presence that captivates audiences. Harness the power of breath and fluidity to embody confidence and authenticity.

Unleash Your Creative Potential: Release inhibitions and embrace the spirit of experimentation. Discover new ways to play with your props, body, and space, fostering creativity and spontaneity in your practice.

Embark on this inspiring journey of self-discovery and artistic exploration. Whether you're a seasoned juggler or new to the craft, this workshop promises to reignite your passion for movement and unleash your creative potential.

For jugglers seeking a holistic improvement in their art, interested in juggling as a meditation practice. Minimum requirement: 200 catches with 3 balls.

Vegan meals prepared by participants on rotation. Community sleeping space provided.

Not suitable for pure number jugglers or traditional gentleman jugglers.

Limited to 12 participants.

Registration opens on Monday, June 10th at 7 pm.

Price: 595 Euros all-inclusive - first 8 signups save 50 Euros

Secure your spot with a deposit of 195€.

Anthony Trahair has over 20 years of experience conducting these retreats, inspired by the Zen of Juggling. With a background spanning 20+ years in Yoga and Taichi and over 30 years of juggling, Anthony also hosts a 4-day Playfulness Festival in Italy and champions playful learning.
Author of Pearls of Juggling and Meeting Life.

Level 2, a 10-day creative Cabaret-making act workshop, will follow in 2025.

Level 3, a 3-week Pearls of Juggling Intensive, is planned for 2026.

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Pearls of Juggling Italian Mountain Retreat Level 1: Unlocking Creativity and Movement elsewhere on the Edge

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