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Freitag, 24 Juli 2020 to Donnerstag, 30 Juli 2020






"Pearls of Juggling Teacher Training summer 2020 in Italy"

People have been asking if we'll hold any retreats and workshops this summer for Jugglers and flow artists..
.. I had a good think about it the and answer is; of course!

We're all a little bit battle scarred from the recent months and it's going to need courage for all of us to take part but it will be worth it.

These are powerful sessions and have the power to bring us back to ourselves and our creativity.
The participation is limited to 8 people, all the work is done outside in the shade of big walnut trees, everyone in their own tent (we have a couple spare too), there is also an outdoor kitchen and shower to boot!

The emphasis this year is on teacher training and will be split into 2 weeks:

Week one 24-31 July: Warm ups for jugglers, Juggling and Movement, training, creation of sequences, improvisation.
Week two 31 July-7 August : Warm ups for Jugglers, further elements of training, Juggling and Acting, act development, directing, Everyone will come out with an act at the end to boot!

It will be possible to take part in just the first week or both. If you've already been to a retreat and want to come to just the second please write to me.

This is an occasion to not miss, I'm moving onto new projects and don't know when I'll be doing something similar again. This is the first time in 20 years we do this!!!!

We can maintain a safe distance between us.

Watch this video from a 10 day training we did a few years back.

We are all down on cash right now and this shouldn't be the reason to not join.
I shall be offering this in the Spirit of the Gift.

For more info and registration please write to -

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