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RecordWho byDate
25 spins Ethan2015-08-02
5 spins 7b_wizard2015-08-02

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RecordWho byDate
2 spins 7b_wizard2020-08-09
5 spins 7b_wizard2019-04-03into several rounds of stable cascade plus a 2nd all-up to collapse.
5 spins 7b_wizard2015-09-29flashed from casc to 5 throws casc caught clean
5 spins 7b_wizard2015-09-23from casc to collect. confirmed after ~7 weeks.
5 spins 7b_wizard2015-08-03confirms yesterday's flash
25 spins Ethan2015-08-02
5 spins 7b_wizard2015-08-02from cascade to collect