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150 catches Austin2016-07-23

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150 catches Austin2016-07-23I wasn't actually counting, probably 200.
73 catches Austin2016-06-05Lost it because they got out of line, don't know how to correct for that.
50 catches Austin2016-05-30:) Throw start.
42 catches Austin2016-05-29Pretty solid. Wind ended the run.
22 catches Austin2016-05-25Wrap start. Also got 19 from a throw start and one 31.
21 catches Austin2016-05-22Much nicer.
18 catches Austin2016-05-20Happy with this (Hadn't done much 2 high before this becuse I wrecked my foot. Using the wrap start.
13 catches Austin2016-05-14
8 catches Austin2016-05-14Now taking shape- i've learned to correct for forwards or backwards tilt.
5 catches Austin2016-05-13Figured out I really need to roll them down the string, rather than just throwing them.
3 catches Austin2016-05-11Only including those thrown from the string. Somewhat harder than anticipated.