3 ball cascade over head with a club balanced on the head records

3 ball solo records
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RecordWho byDate
150 catches James Hennigan2016-03-28
126 catches PipJim2016-03-13
122 catches Heydar2016-05-04
15 catches Rob van Heijst2013-07-05
10 catches aawray2016-12-21

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RecordWho byDate
10 catches aawray2016-12-21
122 catches Heydar2016-05-04
104 catches Heydar2016-04-26
150 catches James Hennigan2016-03-28Tried to go back to a regular cascade but dropped after 2 or 3 throws. At Tramore.
100 catches James Hennigan2016-03-24From and to a standard cascade.
60 catches James Hennigan2016-03-22From and to a standard cascade. First throw from the right hand. First day trying overheads seriously.
96 catches Heydar2016-03-13
126 catches PipJim2016-03-13chin bal, clean collect, kept balance
81 catches Heydar2016-03-12clean
48 catches Heydar2015-11-25clean
60 catches PipJim2015-02-15
34 catches Heydar2014-12-06clean
28 catches Heydar2014-10-18clean
24 catches Heydar2014-08-10clean
22 catches Heydar2014-06-11
16 catches Heydar2014-05-30clean
12 catches Heydar2014-05-07clean
15 catches Rob van Heijst2013-07-05