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6 club solo records
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RecordWho byDate
247 catches Jack Denger2020-12-15
200 catches Felix Juggler2019-08-22
160 catches Jan Poolen2023-06-01
130 catches Iver Tronstad2015-01-01
128 catches christhejuggler2014-04-20
42 catches peterbone2019-01-22
27 catches varkor2016-02-19
21 catches Brook Roberts2015-09-30
21 catches Stuart2013-02-05
18 catches Austin2017-07-08
18 catches fat_hampster2017-11-14
14 catches CameronFord2018-10-04
12 catches magicalmarkwatson2014-06-27
12 catches Greeny2015-01-07
12 catches Foppe2016-05-08
11 catches Heydar2017-01-30
10 catches Chris Jost2023-12-17
9 catches Leo Ostenrath2015-01-11
8 catches Christopher Owston2018-03-13
8 catches Rob van Heijst2014-02-16

Latest records

RecordWho byDate
10 catches Chris Jost2023-12-17
160 catches Jan Poolen2023-06-01
247 catches Jack Denger2020-12-15clean finish, first try
227 catches Jack Denger2020-03-15clean finish, first try
178 catches Jack Denger2020-01-25
168 catches Jack Denger2019-12-04
145 catches Jan Poolen2019-11-03151 throws
144 catches Jan Poolen2019-09-12150 throws
200 catches Felix Juggler2019-08-22
135 catches Jan Poolen2019-07-22to a collect
126 catches Jan Poolen2019-07-19 to a collect outside
120 catches Jan Poolen2019-03-10
42 catches peterbone2019-01-22
102 catches Jan Poolen2018-12-09to a collect
14 catches CameronFord2018-10-04Clean. Auspicious first visit to the Peckham juggling club!
160 catches Felix Juggler2018-08-18
110 catches Felix Juggler2018-06-19
102 catches Felix Juggler2018-04-25
8 catches Christopher Owston2018-03-13
87 catches Felix Juggler2017-11-26
18 catches fat_hampster2017-11-14
95 catches Jan Poolen2017-08-27
10 catches CameronFord2017-08-10Clean, ish, a few wrong ends but caught them all.
8 catches CameronFord2017-08-08Clean
18 catches Austin2017-07-08The pattern actually felt like I was running it- I had several more where I made a stupid mistake too.
93 catches Jan Poolen2017-05-04
14 catches Austin2017-04-23So close to some nicer longer runs. I'll get 20 soon I think...
6 catches Heydar2017-03-02clean flash on triples
13 catches Austin2017-03-01Slow steady progress. Also doubled my 3c in one hand record in both hands a few times, but I can go longer so I'm not entering it.
81 catches Jan Poolen2017-02-08
71 catches Jan Poolen2017-02-04
11 catches Heydar2017-01-30
67 catches Jan Poolen2017-01-22
12 catches Austin2017-01-19YAY! Took about half an hour to get, but most attempts were 6 catches on average so the pattern is much better now.
11 catches Austin2017-01-17Definitely should have got this and other runs. I got 16 good throws at at one point, but just dropped the 11th :(
10 catches Austin2016-12-18All handles.
9 catches Austin2016-12-01Best run I've had yet. 12 was actually feasable in a reasonable pattern.
8 catches Austin2016-11-3012 throws. Quite nice pattern. Hoping for 10-12 this year.
66 catches Jan Poolen2016-11-08
6 catches Austin2016-10-27Clean flash, all handles but a tad ungraceful trying to catch three in one hand...
7 catches Austin2016-08-2710 throws. First four catches nice all handles and rethrown, last three a bit messy.
55 catches Jan Poolen2016-08-10
9 catches Heydar2016-06-23with rethrows
12 catches fat_hampster2016-05-21
52 catches Jan Poolen2016-05-21
12 catches Foppe2016-05-08
8 catches Heydar2016-03-26
6 catches Foppe2016-03-23
44 catches Jan Poolen2016-03-06
6 catches Heydar2016-02-22with rethrows :(