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RecordWho byDate
55 catches Jan Poolen2019-08-13
40 catches Iver Tronstad2015-01-01
20 catches Ethan2015-08-03
15 catches Juggledave2014-11-29
15 catches Felix Juggler2017-11-27
10 catches Brook Roberts2017-05-15
10 catches Austin2017-05-18
5 catches Rob van Heijst2014-01-10
5 catches peterbone2004-01-01

Latest records

RecordWho byDate
55 catches Jan Poolen2019-08-1312 rounds thrown caught 11 rounds so 55
45 catches Jan Poolen2019-03-10to a collect
40 catches Jan Poolen2018-11-16to collect
30 catches Jan Poolen2018-02-16to a collect
15 catches Felix Juggler2017-11-27To Collect
10 catches Austin2017-05-18Clean, all handles ish. I found I was trying to throw the 9s too high; bringing them down made it feel much easier.
10 catches Brook Roberts2017-05-15To a collect
5 catches Austin2016-08-06From cascade to clean almost all handles collect.
20 catches Ethan2015-08-03
40 catches Iver Tronstad2015-01-01
15 catches Juggledave2014-11-29
5 catches Brook Roberts2014-11-06From qualify to qualify to collect
5 catches Rob van Heijst2014-01-10to collect; 9 caught on the body
5 catches peterbone2004-01-01Back into cascade