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RecordWho byDate
510 catches Jack Denger2020-08-15
123 catches varkor2017-11-02
105 catches thatguy2013-09-16
90 catches Austin2017-04-23
84 catches Jan Poolen2016-07-29
78 catches Brook Roberts2016-09-25
60 catches Felix Juggler2017-11-26
23 catches Heydar2016-11-03
9 catches Rob van Heijst2014-10-10
9 catches Ilia Poliakov2020-06-23
3 catches PipJim2015-04-13
3 catches Becky2017-04-11
3 catches Jonathan Moore2019-01-25

Latest records

RecordWho byDate
510 catches Jack Denger2020-08-15Watch video 2 min 20 sec - catches are an estimate
9 catches Ilia Poliakov2020-06-23
3 catches Jonathan Moore2019-01-25
60 catches Felix Juggler2017-11-26Qualified
123 catches varkor2017-11-02
90 catches Austin2017-04-23Pretty nice pattern. I need to remember to put slightly more umph into the 7s sometimes.
3 catches Becky2017-04-11From and to a stable cascade. 7 from the left hand.
69 catches Austin2017-03-01Nice and floaty this time :) Very good session.
47 catches Austin2017-01-223 days ago. Should have been longer.
42 catches Austin2017-01-15Higher and smoother.
36 catches Austin2017-01-05Annoying I did a 2.5 spin on the 9th 7, so the last few rounds ended up messy. Otherwise very nice.
33 catches Austin2017-01-0312 nice rounds thrown. Yesterday.
24 catches Austin2016-12-30Last round was a bit sloppy, but overall quite good. Got 4 rounds back to pattern yesterday.
18 catches Austin2016-12-18From pattern to collect. All handles.
23 catches Heydar2016-11-03
12 catches Heydar2016-10-05back to pattern
78 catches Brook Roberts2016-09-25
95 catches varkor2016-09-21
12 catches Austin2016-08-17All handles, not clean
9 catches Austin2016-08-05Clean, all handles.
84 catches Jan Poolen2016-07-29
66 catches Jan Poolen2016-07-23
9 catches Heydar2016-07-21back to pattern
78 catches varkor2016-03-15
6 catches Austin2016-02-13
3 catches Austin2016-02-12
77 catches varkor2016-02-06
48 catches varkor2015-12-05
36 catches varkor2015-11-27
57 catches Brook Roberts2015-11-01Felt really relaxed
36 catches varkor2015-09-30
51 catches Brook Roberts2015-09-29Clean collect
3 catches PipJim2015-04-13back to cascade qualify
6 catches Heydar2015-04-09back to pattern
51 catches Jan Poolen2015-02-26
18 catches varkor2014-12-16
36 catches Brook Roberts2014-12-03
30 catches Brook Roberts2014-12-02Clean
12 catches Brook Roberts2014-10-30To and from pattern, although not a pb without that restriction
9 catches Rob van Heijst2014-10-10to qualify, all handles
33 catches Jan Poolen2014-09-17
3 catches Heydar2014-06-28to clean qualify
6 catches Rob van Heijst2014-04-04to qualify to knees
3 catches Heydar2014-03-31back to cascade
15 catches Brook Roberts2013-12-16
3 catches Rob van Heijst2013-12-14to qualify - all handles
15 catches Jan Poolen2013-10-24
105 catches thatguy2013-09-16
6 catches Brook Roberts2009-08-02