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TrickRekordDurch wenDatum
handstand01:00 Orinoco2013-10-12
dual head balance00:40 peterbone2014-04-29
golf ball on tee on nose balance00:14 peterbone2014-06-10
ring balanced on nose01:30 aawray2016-11-27
club balanced on foot03:08 Benedetto2017-03-26
club balanced on face15:03 Ethan2015-08-27
1 juggling club balanced on nose, while swinging 2 clubs, riding on a snakeboard00:35 Guili2016-02-16
5b cascade with hoop15 catches Stephen Meschke2019-06-07
2 ball, one hand, while balancing on two wheels of a wheelchair13 catches Melvin Moon2019-10-17
3 loonie cascade20 catches Johnathan Mundell2019-10-30
3 toonie cascade20 catches Johnathan Mundell2019-10-30
3 dry erase pens cascade3 catches Johnathan Mundell2019-10-30
3 balloon juggle21 bounces Johnathan Mundell2020-01-27
Longest time keeping 1 balloon in the air not touching the floor03:00 Johnathan Mundell2020-01-25
8 ball reverse wimpy8 catches Johnathan Mundell2020-02-13
5b cascade on rolla bolla5 catches rainbowalice2020-07-11
Plate spinning, one spin02:20 rainbowalice2020-07-17
5b cascade with a ball in the elcrooks14 catches 7b_wizard2020-08-03
Mills Mess 2 Balls 1 Hat85 catches Cameron Cattrall2020-11-19
1 ball, 2 clubs, 2 rings cascade12 catches 7b_wizard2021-05-11