Data tags

Data tags are small snippets of text that you can include in your practice log entries to record data about your juggling progress. The Edge will read your tags and plot the data on a line chart over time to give you a visual representation of how well you are doing. Once you have included a data tag in your practice log it will be converted into a link to the chart.

Data tags are simply key/value pairs separated by a colon ( : ).



Keys may contain letters (including accented characters) and numbers only, no spaces or punctuation.

Separate words with underscores ( _ ) to make your keys easier to read. All underscores will be converted back to spaces in your log entry and on the chart.

Keys are case and accent insensitive so aeiou:1, AEIOU:2 and ÅÊÏÕU:3 will all be plotted on the same chart.


Values must be numeric. You can use integers ( 42 ), decimals ( 3.14159 ) or fractions ( 1/2 ).

Fractions are useful for measuring consistency. For example if you want to measure your success rate for a 3 up 360° you could measure the number of successful attempts against the total number of attempts using:


Fractions will be plotted as a percentage on the chart.

Plotting multiple series

You can plot more than one thing on the same chart by separating both keys and values with a comma ( , ).

For example if you are learning to flash 5 balls you could use:


Remember: no spaces or punctuation.

The number of keys must equal the number of values.