Cookies on the Juggling Edge

A cookie is a small text file that can be stored on your computer or mobile device when you visit a website.

When you are not logged in to the Edge we do not use any cookies.

For logged in users there are two possible cookies that can be stored on your machine:


    This is a session cookie. It is only stored while you're browsing the Juggling Edge. It will expire (be deleted from your device) when you close your web browser.

  2. LoggedIn

    This is a persistant cookie that will expire after 2 weeks. This time limit is renewed whenever you visit the Edge. This cookie is only used if you click the "Remember me" check box when you sign in.

Both of these are essential cookies that allow me to apply your chosen settings when you visit the Edge.

Neither of these cookies are used for tracking or targeting.

Third party cookies

Logged in users have the option to enable embedded content from other websites (Youtube for example). These other websites will almost certainly set their own cookies, please check their privacy policies for details.

Hi stranger!

You are currently not logged in and I have no idea who you are. This is because the Edge is not using cookies on your device.