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Juggling events 2021

EventStart dateDaysCountry
15th Annual Northland Circus Festival of 20212021-01-083New Zealand (Aotearoa)‎
Turbo Fest ONLINE2021-01-092USA‎
Cancelled 47th Annual Madfest ( 2021 )2021-01-153USA‎
Cancelled Karnidale 20212021-01-153Australia‎
ON-LINE EVENT - Club Congress 20212021-01-153USA‎
Cancelled 43rd Annual Groundhog Day Jugglers Festival2021-02-053USA‎
Cancelled Chocfest 26 - York's Juggling Convention2021-02-061UK‎
Cancelled Minnesota Mondo Juggling & Unicycle Festival2021-02-123USA‎
Aotearoa New Zealand Juggling and Circus Festival 20212021-02-184New Zealand (Aotearoa)‎
ONLINE - 5th Australian Circus Festival2021-02-251Australia‎
Todo el circo cabe en el che2021-02-252Mexico (México)‎
ONLINE - Austin Jugglefest Public Show Virtual Edition2021-02-271USA‎
ONLINE - Bristol Acro Convention - BAC 20212021-03-193UK‎
ONLINE - Landesweite Online-Convention2021-03-271Germany (Deutschland)‎
ONLINE - The Israeli Juggling Convention 20212021-03-293Israel (ישראל)‎
Cancelled Israeli Juggling Convention fight night 20212021-03-301Israel (ישראל)‎
Cirkushelg2021-04-023Sweden (Sverige)‎
ONLINE - Social Circus Day Celebration!2021-04-031USA‎
ONLINE 6. Aichtaler Jonglierconvention2021-04-032Germany (Deutschland)‎
Thomas Dietz Jonglier-Convention bei der Traumfabrik2021-04-093Germany (Deutschland)‎
Cancelled Tucson Juggling Festival 20212021-04-093USA‎
Passing Weekend Canberra 20212021-04-102Australia‎
ONLINE- Refresh! Virtual Flow Fest - Spring Edition2021-04-171USA‎
Cancelled C'Koi Ce Cirque!!! 2ème édition2021-04-233France‎
Adelaide Juggling Convention2021-04-242Australia‎
ONLINE - Czech Contemporary Circus Showcase2021-04-255Czech Republic (Česká republika)‎
ONLINE - Baltic Circus Camp - online edition // Baltijos šalių šiuolaikinio cirko stovykla2021-04-267Lithuania (Lietuva)‎
Juggling Weekend2021-04-303Russia (Россия)‎
ONLINE - IJA Virtual Hangout Jam2021-05-081USA‎
Cancelled Bigoud'n'Jongle Convention 20212021-05-134France‎
ONLINE - Nederlands Jongleer Festival2021-05-134Netherlands (Nederland)‎
Vintergnistan2021-05-134Sweden (Sverige)‎
ONLINE - CircusDanceFestival 20212021-05-205Germany (Deutschland)‎
Bungay Balls Up 2021 - VIRTUAL EDITION2021-05-2111UK‎
Mayhem - 2nd Annual Youth Circus Festival2021-05-301Ireland (Éire)‎
Cancelled Galway Juggling Convention 20212021-06-044Ireland (Éire)‎
ONLINE - Club Fest 2.02021-06-043USA‎
ONLINE - IJA Virtual Hangout Jam2021-06-051USA‎
Cancelled Newcastle Juggling Convention 20212021-06-114Australia‎
ONLINE - Sheffield Circus Skills Convention 20212021-06-121UK‎
ONLINE - World Juggling Day Osaka 20212021-06-181USA‎
World Juggling Day Canberra 20212021-06-191Australia‎
World Juggling Day Minneappolis2021-06-191USA‎
World Juggling Day Stockholm2021-06-191Sweden (Sverige)‎
Capital Fight Night WJD Canberra 20212021-06-191Australia‎
Appalachian Adventure Days: Flow2021-06-262USA‎
Perth Circus Festival 20212021-07-014Australia‎
Boudu la Jongle 20212021-07-023France‎
FlowCamp 20212021-07-023Russia (Россия)‎
Estonian Circus Convention 2021 (Badoom Tss..)2021-07-084Estonia (Eesti)‎
ONLINE - 74th Annual IJA Juggling Festival 2021 - Wichita2021-07-127USA‎
TILT Festival 20212021-07-127UK‎
Cancelled 43rd European Juggling Convention, Hanko, Finland2021-07-179Finland (Suomi)‎
ONLINE - Virtual European Juggling Convention 20212021-07-233Finland (Suomi)‎
Cancelled The British Juggling Convention 2021 - Perth2021-07-276UK‎
Salo Circus Festival 20212021-07-303Finland (Suomi)‎
Winter Is Passing 2021-07-304New Zealand (Aotearoa)‎
Dynamo Circus Festival '212021-08-124Denmark (Danmark)‎
Acronyx 20212021-08-1310Germany (Deutschland)‎
PLaY - Lively Camping (not a festival)2021-08-1411UK‎
Roztoč fest - Prague Multi-Circus Festival2021-08-194Czech Republic (Česká republika)‎
20th International juggling and theatre workshop ALEJE 20212021-08-217Czech Republic (Česká republika)‎
La Convention Française de Jonglerie 2021 - Mamagabe2021-08-255France‎
Deutsch-Tschechisches Jonglier- und Gauklertreffen (Czech-German Juggling Meeting) Waldmuenchen2021-08-273Germany (Deutschland)‎
West Cork Flow Festival2021-08-273Ireland (Éire)‎
Handstand Extravaganza Convention 20212021-09-015Italy (Italia)‎
Artemisia Fire Gathering 20212021-09-024Italy (Italia)‎
Cancelled Limouzirk 42021-09-033France‎
Symposium Fire Non - Vention2021-09-033UK‎
Wet Hot American Circus Festival2021-09-067USA‎
Magyar Tüzes Találkozó 2021 - Hungarian Fire Convention HFC20212021-09-094Hungary (Magyarország)‎
Circusstad - Extra Editie2021-09-103Netherlands (Nederland)‎
Festival Rencontre des Jonglages 14ème édition !2021-09-103France‎
Yavapai Juggling Festival 20212021-09-103USA‎
Pearls of Juggling Intensive Teacher Training 20212021-09-1410Italy (Italia)‎
Belfast Juggling Convention 2021 (Sort of)2021-09-182UK‎
Cancelled 15. J-Fest - Turkish Juggling Convention 20212021-09-207Turkey (Türkiye)‎
1ª Convención Valenciana de Malabares2021-09-243Spain (España)‎
Freiburger Jonglierfestival 20212021-09-243Germany (Deutschland)‎
HerfstJongleerWeekend2021-09-243Netherlands (Nederland)‎
Portland Juggling and Vaudeville Extravaganza 20212021-09-252USA‎
German Flow Arts Gathering 20212021-09-304Germany (Deutschland)‎
Cluj Circus Days - 1st romanian circus convention2021-10-013Romania (România)‎
Fly High 2021: The 6th Aerial, Acrobatics & Mixed Circus Arts Convention2021-10-013UK‎
34ème Convention Suisse de Jonglerie et des Arts du Cirque2021-10-022Switzerland (Schweiz)‎
Segundo torneo de voleiclava 2021-10-051Mexico (México)‎
SpunOut : Fire & Circus Festival 20212021-10-084Australia‎
Tohuwabohu 20212021-10-083Germany (Deutschland)‎
World Circus Festival2021-10-101Poland (Polska)‎
MAAC - Manchester Aerial and Acrobatics Convention 20212021-10-153UK‎
Cancelled IgNight Flow Retreat 20212021-10-223USA‎
Neuss Juggling Day2021-10-232Germany (Deutschland)‎
Juggling @ Bystřice 20212021-10-293Czech Republic (Česká republika)‎
National Circus Festival of Ireland 20212021-11-044Ireland (Éire)‎
4a. Convenção de Malabarismo e Circo de Florianópolis2021-11-124Brazil (Brasil)‎
Southern Juggling Convention2021-11-131UK‎
Circulation Festival 20212021-11-255New Zealand (Aotearoa)‎
12. Nürnberger Jonglier­­convention2021-11-263Germany (Deutschland)‎
Leeds Juggling Convention 20212021-11-271UK‎
Sheffield Circus Skills Convention: Winter Special2021-12-111UK‎
WJF 162021-12-146USA‎
IJSAPIR - Winter Is Juggling2021-12-163Israel (ישראל)‎
Cancelled 14ᵃ Convention Capodanno!2021-12-296Italy (Italia)‎

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