Juggling events - UK‎ 2011

EventStart dateDaysCountry
CHOCFEST - York's Juggling Convention2011-01-291UK‎
Ballring Convention 20112011-02-121UK‎
Bath UpChuck 20112011-02-261UK‎
British Juggling Convention 20112011-04-157UK‎
Lestival IV - the 4th Leicester Circus Festival2011-05-071UK‎
Bungay Balls Up 20112011-05-2110UK‎
The Juggling Launch Pad2011-05-233UK‎
Shoebox Tour2011-05-261UK‎
Jay & Wes Juggling Workshop/ Shoebox Tour2011-05-281UK‎
OJC3 - Oxford Juggling Convention2011-06-041UK‎
Donald Grant "Get your Act together"2011-06-064UK‎
Southern Lights Festival2011-06-094UK‎
World Juggling Day (Apathy) UK2011-06-184UK‎
Play Festival 20112011-07-275UK‎
Crawley Circus Festival 20112011-08-062UK‎
Flow Feast UK - 20112011-08-132UK‎
Bristol The Number 1 Juggling Convention2011-09-179UK‎
Tight-wire Masterclass with Bernie Bennett2011-10-012UK‎
Manchester Juggling Convention XIII2011-10-081UK‎
15th Durham Juggling Convention2011-10-152UK‎
Donald Grant "Get your Act together" Masterclass2011-10-184UK‎
German Wheel Workshop2011-10-222UK‎
British Kendama Association Southern Regional Championships2011-10-301UK‎
MKJC2 - Milton Keynes Juggling Convention 22011-11-121UK‎
Next meeting of the UK Youth Circus Network2011-11-121UK‎
Circus Futures - Contemporary Circus National Showcases and Conference.2011-11-302UK‎
Leeds Juggling Convention2011-12-031UK‎

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