Juggling events - USA‎ 2005

EventStart dateDaysCountry
47th Annual MadFest Juggling Festival2005-01-143USA‎
Damento Juggling Festival2005-02-043USA‎
Groundhog Day Jugglers Festival2005-02-043USA‎
Jugglefest Austin 20052005-02-113USA‎
MONDO XVI Jugglefest2005-02-183USA‎
Illini Juggling and Unicycle Club Juggling and Unicycle Festival 20052005-03-043USA‎
Tejas Juggling Fest2005-03-113USA‎
Isla Vista Juggling Festival2005-03-253USA‎
Juggle These2005-03-314USA‎
April Fools Juggling Festival and South East Yo-Yo Contest2005-04-013USA‎
Northwest Arkansas Jugglefest2005-04-013USA‎
10th Annual Yo-Yo Convention & Celebration2005-04-1617USA‎
2005 Congress of Jugglers2005-04-223USA‎
28th RIT Spring Juggle-In2005-05-063USA‎
Ann Arbor Juggling Arts Festival2005-05-132USA‎
Bellingham Juggling Festival2005-05-133USA‎
"Toss-Up 2005" Juggling Festival2005-05-203USA‎
5th Annual Humboldt Juggling Festival2005-05-203USA‎
6th Annual West Virginia Juggling Festival2005-06-033USA‎
Boulder Juggling Festival2005-06-103USA‎
7th Annual LBI Unithon2005-06-111USA‎
South Street Seaport Street Festival and Fundraiser2005-06-154USA‎
Seattle Juggling Festival2005-06-163USA‎
World Juggling Day!2005-06-181USA‎
2005 Flatland Juggling Festival (Lincoln)2005-06-243USA‎
IJA Juggling Festival2005-07-187USA‎
Coeur d'Alene Juggling and Unicycle Festival2005-08-194USA‎
Hurricane Hugo Juggling Festival2005-09-023USA‎
14th Portland Juggling Festival2005-09-233USA‎
Juggle in OZ II2005-09-302USA‎
Jugglers Anonymous2005-09-303USA‎
First annual Berkeley Juggling Festival2005-10-073USA‎
Philadelphia Juggling Festival 20052005-10-082USA‎
Midland Juggling Festival 10th Annual2005-10-212USA‎
Midwest Jugglefest2005-10-212USA‎
Post Halloween Juggling Festival2005-11-043USA‎
The Last Ever 2nd Annual Quad Cities Jugglefest2005-11-043USA‎
4th Seattle Juggling and Footbag Festival2005-11-113USA‎
9th Annual Big Red JuggleFest2005-11-113USA‎
The Nomadic Juggling Festival2005-11-113USA‎
the Love Show2005-12-101USA‎
WJF 20052005-12-155USA‎
The Love Show2005-12-282USA‎
The Love Show2005-12-311USA‎

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