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Juggling events 1997

EventStart dateDaysCountry
1997 IJA Winter Jugglers Festival1997-01-015USA‎
47th Annual MadFest Juggling Convention1997-01-103USA‎
Ye Olde Yorvik Juggling Convention 21997-01-261UK‎
19th Annual Groundhog Day Jugglers Festival1997-01-313USA‎
Austin Jugglefest IV1997-02-012USA‎
5th New Zealand Juggling Convention1997-02-064New Zealand (Aotearoa)‎
Riverside Dickens Festival1997-02-064USA‎
Mondo Jugglefest VIII1997-02-073USA‎
13th Annual Hawaiian Juggling Festival1997-02-098USA‎
Joke and Jongle1997-02-152France‎
Jugglease II1997-02-151New Zealand (Aotearoa)‎
First Ohio University Juggling Festival1997-02-212USA‎
6th Annual Leap Day Festival1997-03-012USA‎
Freaks Bristol to Bath unicycle ride1997-03-011UK‎
Midland Juggling Club Juggle Fest1997-03-011USA‎
Taunton Juggling Convention1997-03-151UK‎
Delft Juggling Day1997-03-161Netherlands (Nederland)‎
Tejas Jugging Festival1997-03-222USA‎
The Fifth Annual University of Waterloo Juggling Festival1997-03-222Canada‎
11th Annual April Fools Day Juggling Festival ***** POSTPONED1997-04-043USA‎
The 1997 British Juggling Convention1997-04-104UK‎
Sixth Annual Portland Juggling Festival1997-04-113USA‎
Triangle Juggling Festival1997-04-113USA‎
20th Annual RIT Spring Juggle-In1997-04-122USA‎
6th Annual Last-Ever Bloomington Jugglefest1997-04-121USA‎
17th Annual Jugglefest1997-04-183USA‎
5th Montreal Juggling Festival1997-04-183Canada‎
Jugglers Unite!1997-04-232Israel (ישראל)‎
Birmingham Circus Convention1997-05-031UK‎
Cascadia 971997-05-032USA‎
Streets Ahead1997-05-0324UK‎
2nd 12th Nordic Juggling Convention1997-05-084Denmark (Danmark)‎
7th Dutch Juggling Festival1997-05-093Netherlands (Nederland)‎
17th Annual Sir Isaac Newton Memorial Juggling Festival1997-05-163USA‎
The Fifth Continental Congress of Jugglers1997-05-163USA‎
Winnipeg Juggling Festival1997-05-233Canada‎
The First Dutch ATU (All Terain Unicyling) Expidition1997-05-251Netherlands (Nederland)‎
Lancaster Jugglers Lake District 1997 (Swallow Barn)1997-06-072UK‎
Children's Circus Festival1997-06-105UK‎
FlatLand '97 Juggling Festival *** RESCHEDULED ***1997-06-133USA‎
The June Jugglefest1997-06-141USA‎
11th Swiss Juggling Festival1997-06-203Switzerland (Schweiz)‎
Glastonbury Festival of Performing Arts1997-06-264UK‎
4th Annual EPIC Juggling Festival1997-06-273USA‎
Hat Fair Fringe1997-07-016UK‎
Le Jonglibre1997-07-043France‎
Wessex Juggling Convention1997-07-043UK‎
Winchester Hat Fair1997-07-043UK‎
Trend-Sport Event '971997-07-052Austria (Österreich)‎
Edmonton International Street Performers Festival1997-07-1110Canada‎
19th Galway Arts Festival1997-07-1712Ireland (Éire)‎
1997 National Unicycle Convention1997-07-235USA‎
4th British Unicycle Convention1997-08-013UK‎
50th Anniversary Annual IJA Festival1997-08-025USA‎
Crawley Circus Festival 19971997-08-092UK‎
Aurillac 97 - 12th International Street Theatre Festival1997-08-204France‎
Streetfare '971997-08-223Canada‎
20th European Juggling Festival1997-09-016Italy (Italia)‎
Yale Anti-Gravity Society Juggling Festival1997-09-053USA‎
Fira de Teatre al Carrer1997-09-105Spain (España)‎
Ninth Annual Hurricane Hugo Flying Objects Juggling Festival1997-09-123USA‎
Verflixt, das 7. Pyramidale Jonglier- und Kleinkunstfestival1997-09-123Germany (Deutschland)‎
9th Bristol Juggling and Circus Skills Convention1997-09-139UK‎
International Air Theatre Festival1997-09-169South Korea (대한민국)‎
Festival Mondial des Theatres de Marionettes1997-09-1911France‎
Festival of Street Artists1997-09-211France‎
The Club JJ Ninth Annual Island Bash1997-09-271USA‎
Unicycle Hockey Championships1997-09-273New Zealand (Aotearoa)‎
Big Balls Up! Juggling Festival1997-10-033South Africa‎
Cleveland Juggling Festival1997-10-042USA‎
Lodi Juggling Festival1997-10-104USA‎
1st Durham Juggling Festival1997-10-111UK‎
16th Philadelphia Convention1997-10-182USA‎
2nd Annual Salt Lake Juggling Festival1997-10-181USA‎
3rd Cambridge Juggling Convention1997-10-191UK‎
IJA 1997 Fun-In-The-Sun Fall Festival1997-11-125USA‎
The Second UW All Night Juggle1997-11-152Canada‎
The First Annual Big Red JuggleFest1997-12-061USA‎

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