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Juggling events - UK‎ 1994

EventStart dateDaysCountry
Juggling Party Day1994-01-151UK‎
Mini Diabolo Convention1994-02-131UK‎
3rd Liverpool Circus Convention1994-02-271UK‎
A foolish Weekend1994-03-043UK‎
3 Ball Convention1994-03-131UK‎
Voices Off festival of Mime, Dance and Physical Theatre1994-03-1413UK‎
Clown's Convention1994-03-183UK‎
Cancelled National Circus/Theatre Convention (canceled)1994-03-287UK‎
Weekend Conference on Circus1994-04-022UK‎
Cancelled 3rd Children's Circus/Theatre Convention (canceled)1994-04-043UK‎
7th British Juggling Convention1994-04-144UK‎
London Unicycle Grand Prix1994-05-011UK‎
Bedlam Fair1994-05-033UK‎
1st Birmingham Circus Convention1994-05-071UK‎
British Unicycling Convention1994-05-212UK‎
Bath Fringe Festival1994-05-2717UK‎
Cardiff Circus Festival & 3rd National Circus & Theatre Convention for Children1994-05-285UK‎
Hay Fringe Festival1994-05-289UK‎
Ball Space Convention1994-05-301UK‎
Bath Kite Festival1994-05-301UK‎
Bedlam Fair1994-06-033UK‎
Blandford Juggling Day1994-06-111UK‎
Margan Park Kite Festival1994-06-112UK‎
Hereford Kite & Juggling Festival1994-06-182UK‎
British International Boomerang Competition1994-07-022UK‎
Shrewsbury Juggling Convention1994-07-022UK‎
Wessex Juggling Convention1994-07-022UK‎
European Buskers Convention1994-07-061UK‎
Winchester Hat Fair1994-07-074UK‎
Manchester II The Sequal1994-07-101UK‎
Exeter Festival Street Entertainer Award1994-07-152UK‎
Circus Space Open Day1994-07-231UK‎
Horsham Jugglefest 31994-07-232UK‎
Sidmouth festival of folk1994-07-298UK‎
Stockton Riverside International Festival1994-08-044UK‎
Blackpool Street Theatre Competition1994-08-053UK‎
1st Southampton Juggling Convention1994-08-131UK‎
Crawley Circus Festival 19941994-08-132UK‎
Alton Towers Street Entertainment Convention1994-08-202UK‎
Scottish Juggling Convention1994-09-101UK‎
6th Bristol Juggling and Circus Skills Convention1994-09-179UK‎
Club Passing Convention1994-09-181UK‎
Salisbury Kite & Sky Hoolie1994-09-181UK‎
Third Channel Islands Juggling Convention1994-09-233Channel Islands‎
4th East Midlands Juggling Convention1994-10-021UK‎
Ultra-Violet Black Light Convention1994-10-161UK‎
National Association of Youth Circus Convention1994-10-231UK‎
Lancaster University Halloween Juggling Convention1994-10-301UK‎
nEither eiTher Both aNd - Gandini Juggling Project1994-11-291UK‎
Patchwork Circus1994-12-111UK‎
Quirkus Big Night Out Renegade Party1994-12-151UK‎

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