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Donnerstag, 9 Mai 2024 to Sonntag, 12 Mai 2024

This event runs over the following national holidays:

Kristi himmelsfärds dag,, 2024-05-09


Albert Hall i Långared, Långaredsvägen 91, Alingsås




Your favourite Circus festival is happening again - This time in a new, bigger and more exciting edition!

*One extra day, as requested by many!
*Better sleeping options, which means we can jam all night long in the training hall!
*More food and snacks!
*No obligatory tasks for everyone, which means more time for workshops and play!
*We have a limited amount of "Helpers-tickets" for a discounted price. This means you'll help in the kitchen, while also having time to participate in most workshops!

As always, you can expect plenty of inspiring workshops from amazing teachers, tasty vegan food, and lots of playtime, cuddles and creativity! Choose between a variety of workshops, consisting of about 60% Partner acrobatics at different levels, as well as Object manipulation, Aerial, Martial arts, Floor acrobatics, Dance and Massage.

Våreld is a festival aimed for adults who are interested in Circus related training. Children under 15 y.o are welcome, in the company of parents (for safety reasons), however keep in mind that the workshops are mainly aimed to suit adults.

May 9-12th,
Thursday to Sunday
Albert Hall in Långared, outside Alingsås.
The venue is located on the countryside where the closest bus stop is called "Långareds kyrka".
Check the busses at www.vasttrafik.se or ask about carpooling in the event!
Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks are included in the price. We will serve tasty vegan food. Let us know in the registration form if you have any allergies. It's pretty far to the nearest store, so make sure to come prepared if you want some extra snacks!
We need some people to help with cooking and other tasks during the event. You’ll be expected to work about 2-3 hours per day, and in exchange you’ll pay about half the price! If you want to be a Helper, make sure to sign up quick as we have limited spots!
You need to be able to join the full event if you're signing up as a helper!
This year you can choose between two different sleeping options:
*In your own tent or van
*In a dormitory (15 people per dorm). Make sure to bring a mattress, pillow and a sleeping bag!
This means no sleeping in the training hall, so jamming all night is possible for those who wish!
Saturday evening we’ll have our traditional Open stage, followed by a Fire show! Everyone is welcome to perform at the Open stage. If you are interested in this, you can sign up for it at the event.
We have a sauna that will be on every evening. A hot tips is to bring an extra towel 😉
*Sleeping stuff (mattress, sleeping bag, pillow, earplugs, sleeping mask etc.)
*Training clothes
*Cosy clothes
*Toothbrush & Toothpaste
*Circus props (if you have/want)
*Food boxes (for potential leftover food)
*Snacks (if you want anything extra)
*Instruments (There are usually people who wants to jam)
*Some extra pillows or blankets for the shared Cosy room (if you want/can)
Choose between the following options:
*Sleeping in your own tent/van: 1400 SEK
*Sleeping inside a dorm: 1550 SEK
*Helpers (Van/Tent) 750 SEK
*Kids 750 SEK
Registration details on facebook event page
No refunds available after April 8th - All re-sales of tickets must go through us!!!
Spots are limited, so secure your spot as soon as possible! Last year they ran out about 1.5 months before the event!
Looking forward to see you!
//The organising team

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