Carnaval Sztukmistrzow 2023

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Donnerstag, 27 Juli 2023 to Sonntag, 30 Juli 2023




This is Sztukmistrze event.

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Fight Night Combat Tournament


Carnaval is the performance of world-famous circus stars, which have been hosted in Lublin every year since 2008. Street shows, theatre and circus performances, workshops, fire shows. During the festival there are performances of recognised, world formations or bands presenting the art of the NEW CIRCUS. The audience is enchanted and, together with the artists, goes on a unique journey through the world of unusual phenomena. The street becomes the stage, and the actor is both the artist and the viewer. This is the time when borders cease to exist.

An integral part of Carnaval Sztukmistrzów is Urban Highline Festival, known as the world’s largest and oldest highline event. It combines an integral element of the city’s identity – the iconic Magician of Lublin – with the emerging discipline of slacklining.

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