Finnish Diabolo & Yoyo Contest and Festival 2022

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Freitag, 22 Juli 2022 to Sonntag, 24 Juli 2022




This is FDC event.


Finnish Diabolo and YOYO Contest and festival 2021 will take place at a great venue in Eräjärvi, Finland, like it always has. There are two main buildings + sauna by the lake surrounded by a spacious site that includes a campsite and a festival village. The site is conveniently located right in the middle of Eräjärvi village, that has one shop and a pub. Train station at Orivesi is at approximately half an car ride from Eräjärvi. This is the place we’ll be happy to pick you up to the festival. Good travel options are to fly to Helsinki, and take a bus from Helsinki airport to Tampere. To top it all off, there is a sauna by a lake within walking distance of the festival site!

Diabolojongleerauksen ja jojopelaamisen SM-kilpailut järjestetään Eräjärvellä 2022.
Kilpailemassa on mukana sekä hallitseva Suomen mestari, häntä haastamaan saapuu ainakin kaksi aikaisempaa Suomen mestaria ja tietenkin joukko muita voitonnälkäisiä haastajia.

18 -20 Execution sports
a. Eniten minigens-liikkeitä 1min
b. Eniten laakagens-liikkeitä 1min
c. Määrät
20.30 -23 MAIN EVENT Championship division. (7min stage performance)
23.7. 10 -12 YOYO National contest
13 – 16 Diabolo freestyle divisions
d. Mb monobolo
e. Loopd lenkkidiabolo
f. 1d (fixed tai laakeri)
g. 2d (fixed tai laakeri)
h. 3d (fixed tai laakeri)
i. laakahyrrä
15. - afterparty
14. Contest ends.

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