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Samstag, 20 Juni 2020


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Join the IJA on June 20th 2020 to celebrate the 25th year of World Juggling Day - Online!

World Juggling Day has historically been a day for jugglers from around the world to connect, share, create, and inspire! On June 20th 2020 we will be celebrating the creativity, resilience and community of jugglers from around the world, even though we cannot meet in our usual ways due to the global pandemic.

?We are supporting organisers from around the world in creating 24hrs of online juggling conventions on World Juggling Day - June 20th! Day of we will be sharing media from global conventions across IJA social media!

?Check the event map (juggle.org/calendar/) to find an online event near you! Don’t see any? Create your own! As part of your online event consider: online performances, DJ sets, discussion panels, workshops, etc. Just like a regular convention, only online!

?Create a FB event page & register your event (https://www.juggle.org/programs/wjd/#register) to add it to the official event map!

?We are organising a Sticker Design Contest! Three winning designs will be printed on a commemorative WJD 2020 sticker sheet, available for purchase. In addition to their design on the sheet 3 winners will receive: a sticker sheet, 10 stickers of their winning design, and assorted books from Modern Vaudeville Press. More details and entry rules can be found at juggle.org/programs/wjd

?Other ways to Celebrate:
- Enter the 2020 Sticker Design Contest! Details at: juggle.org/programs/wjd
- Attend an online juggling convention!
- Use #WJD2020 and/or #WorldJugglingDay to be featured on IJA social media
- Film a juggling tutorial of your favourite trick
- Juggle in your backyard
- Learn to juggle with online tutorials
- Make a juggling video and post to YouTube
- Write a blog post on juggling
- Host a watch party of your favourite juggling videos/shows
- Organise a montage video to release on WJD

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