EUCIMA 2020 - XII Encuentro Universitario de Circo de Madrid

(EUCIMA 2020 to its friends)

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Donnerstag, 30 April 2020 to Sonntag, 3 Mai 2020


Eucima Aula de Circo Chaminade, Paseo Juan XXIII, 9, 28040 Madrid



Greetings to all, in view of the current situation we are experiencing, the organisation of the EUCIMA has seen ourselves in the need to make the following decision: suspend the meeting for the date on which it was scheduled (April 30, 1 , May 2th and 3). Likewise, the EUCIMA Gala will not take place at the Circo Price Theatre.
We want to thank you for your understanding. From the organization we are affected by the decision, but we understand that it is a social responsibility not to move


Queremos anunciar que este año celebraremos el XII EUCIMA. ??‍?
A pesar de ser un equipo muy reducido, las ganas por seguir difundiendo el circo y tejiendo redes nos han motivado para continuar un año más.

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