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Donnerstag, 8 Oktober 2020 to Sonntag, 11 Oktober 2020


677 Spirithaven Lane, Stuart, Virginia 24171




Join us from October 8-11th this year for over 70 flow arts relevant workshops, a wide variety of amazing performances, a lively fire circle nightly, as well as an interactive Art Gallery. We are grateful to call SpiritHaven in Stuart, Virginia home and hope you’ll take the journey to experience the “Flashepoint Vibes”. This will be the FIVE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of this retreat and we think you’ll be excited and enlivened by the growth of our little gathering in the mountains!

At Flashepoint, we believe the point of change is the most vital to our growth and development. We hope you’ll use this event to step just outside of your comfort zone to try something new and exciting to you. Our goal is to inspire individuals to push themselves towards their dreams while facilitating a safe space for practice, success, and failure.

You’ve trained all year long, and now it’s time to cohere the lessons you’ve learned and catalyze them for the winter. Focus in on the triumphs and tribulations this year, and take advantage of one more opportunity to grow deeper connections with yourself AND some of the best flow artists in the community at Flashepoint 2020.

Through practice, persistence, and courage our community grows incrementally every year, we are grateful to have you as a part of it!

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