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Samstag, 3 Oktober 2020 to Sonntag, 4 Oktober 2020


Bonanza Farm, N7, Cape Farms, Cape Town



In light of the Corona precautions being taken, Animus Flow Fest was postponed from early April to early October.


Animus is a Latin word Duncan and Warren found that has quite a wide variety of meanings, to name a few: Mind, heart, affections, purpose, feeling, thought, sensibility, imagination, sense, consciousness, and our favourite - Soul as Thinking. We found all these words fitting for our Flow Arts festival and the space we aim to create.

What we'll do:

The main focus of this event is learning. We will have workshops running throughout the day on just about anything we can, but mainly Flow Arts/Juggling. We will have some of the top performers in Cape Town teaching their skill to anyone who would like to learn it!

In the evening we'll gather around for some music and fire spinning! We will have an open fire circle that anyone who is attending the festival can join in on, provided they are of sound mind! To fuel the circle we will have a wide variety of music playing, either through some speakers, or possibly though the hands of some drummers and guitarists.


We will be limiting tickets to 50 people again, and the tickets will work in a 3 tier system.

Kids under 12: Free!

A ticket gains you access to all the workshops throughout the weekend, free camping, and the ability (at the organisers discretion) to spin fire on the Saturday evening.

We've had to increase from last time, this is unfortunately necessary if we want to continue Animus as we have been, we hope you understand!

As time goes by we will be adding more, and so our budget will get bigger, these increases will be directly for the increase in quality of our festival, we promise we'll always try our best to bring you the best of what we can offer. Our main focus is and always will be toward creating a bigger, better flow arts community, not to line our own pockets.

This is a festival for YOU, so that you can LEARN and GROW in a safe, comfortable and encouraging environment.

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