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Samstag, 22 August 2020 to Samstag, 29 August 2020


Krupa na Vrbasu



The whole idea of the convention is of course to enjoy all together in the sun by the river, but also to bring some circus to Bosnia and Herzegovina, as it is not common at all here.
“Acro Krupa” is a relatively small event (60 acrobats max). We would like everybody to be involved to shape it the way they would like it to be! So, please propose your own workshop/activity – Eg. : if you juggle, practice tissue, slackline, do yoga, or if anything else you’d like to share, go ahead! There will be slots in the timetable dedicated for workshops given by the participants.

General Programme:
Saturday 22.08.2020 : Arrival day
There won’t be any planned workshop that day. We expect you at the campsite from 15h, but you can arrive at any time, relax and put your tent. There will be an open dinner in the late afternoon so that everybody can already meet and hang out together in the evening.
From Sunday 23rd till Friday 28th
After breakfast on Sunday the 23rd we will have a collective warming up led by the trainers to get to know each other, and also for the trainers to get to know the level of the participants.

From Sunday the timetable will look like this
8:00-9:00 Breakfast
9:00-10:00 Warming up
10:30-12:00 3 workshops given by trainers
12:30 Lunch break
15:30-17:00 2 workshops given by trainers
17:30-19:00 2 workshops OR free floor and specials
19:15 Dinner

Wednesday will be a free day for the trainers and it will be possible to go rafting (registration needed) Participants are welcome to give workshops on that day!
On Friday night we could have the show in Banjaluka (if everyone agrees) So that Thursday and Friday afternoon could be devoted to the construction of the show :)

Acrobatics and circus program, what to expect?
All in all during the week there will be daily between 6 and 7 workshops (of 1h30, 2h or 3h each), morning and afternoon session. There will always be at least 2 workshops in parallel so everybody can find something interesting and to his/her level.
There will also be “specials”: participants can ask the trainers for a “special” , meaning 15-20min of private teaching in duo, trio or quartet to put all the attention on one technique (trick).
There will be time for free floor and free practice, sometimes under the guidance of a teacher.
There will also be longes, for higher acrobatics tricks trained in the safest way!
There will be a collective warming up every morning, led by a trainer, but you are very welcome to warm up also individually before each workshop.
Participation is always at your own responsibility. If a workshop is clearly above your level, you should either tell the workshop leader, or stop participating.
Depending on the weather, the afternoon break will be longer or shorter: if the weather is very warm we’ll start earlier, have a long ‘Spanish’ break, and train again in the late afternoon. If the temperature is more moderate we’ll start a little later in the morning, shorten the lunch break and have a longer break in the evening.
The level of the workshops will be adapted to the level of the participants. If there is a large variety in level (less /more experienced), there will be workshops for different levels. Some workshops will also be suitable for everyone.
You don’t need to bring a partner to the convention, but if you have one, take him or her along!
If you want to practice some aerial it is possible to hang your trapeze, ring or tissue in the trees around, or in the school nearby for indoors trainings.
In the evening, we will try to offer some activities such as a night walk, a campfire, a movie screening in the open, etc. and you’re very welcome to bring your music instruments, juggling gear, slacklines etc.
The previous years we used to organise a show on the last evening in Banjaluka, as acrobatics and circus in general is definitely not really common in Bosnia Herzegovina. This is an idea to discuss, as it brings a very nice and creative energy to the whole festival. Of course, maybe not all the participants want to take part in the show.
Keep the idea in mind and let’s see how we feel in August!!

Your holidays in Bosnia & Herzegovina?
We know that Bosnia Herzegovina is a bit off the main road, but actually, besides its recent turbulent history, it has a lot of splendid nature to offer.
As you might be coming from far to Krupa na Vrbasu for “just” a week of acro, we invite you to consider to spend some more time in the country under professional guidance for climbing, hiking, rafting etc. Ask us, we’ll be glad to give you some tips or to organise you an exciting trip 

Last but not least , participation fee to the Acro Convention 2020:
Please Register and Pay Before The 1st of May 2020 (early bird)
Fee before 01.05. 2020 : 225 euros
Fee after 01.05.2020 : 240 euros
Special discount for participants from Ex-Yu countries:
From Bosnia and Herzegovina , Serbia and Macedonia : 100 euros
From Croatia : 120 euros
From Slovenia : normal EU price (sorry!)
After 01.05.20 the fee will be 15 euros more expensive as we need to secure already some expenses!
Half price for children until 10 years old.
Please if you want to participate, if you are really motivated but can’t afford that price, contact us (be honest please!)

Register on

What is included :
- 6 days of workshops
- 3 meals a day (vegetarian food) from the 22d dinner until the 29th breakfast
- your camping place (bring your own tent!)
- rafting excursion included!
And of course of lot of fun.

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