Fluid Juggling Workshop in Bratislava with Anthony Trahair

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Freitag, 20 März 2020 to Sonntag, 22 März 2020


Bratislava, slovakia




In the spring 2020 I'm quite excited about taking my 3 day Fluid Jugglig workshops on a tour around Europe!
Varese (Milano), Bratislava and London.

Fluid Juggling puts an emphasis on connecting the juggler to the juggled through the action of juggling. Movement and juggling come together; movement creates juggling and juggling creates movement. Creating a relationship to our props, feeling their weight, knowing where they are at all times even when they roll far away…
Drops are considered part of the “game”. Constantly look for new ways to pick up and continue without losing your focus.
In Fluid Juggling, bodywork is essential to realign the body, awaken its sensitivity, loosen and coordinate body movements.

In this workshop we will see different bodywork practising thought out especially for flow artists and jugglers. Anthony has found that practising yoga in a balanced way—not too hard, not too soft—can be excellent for body-mind training, as can Taiji, dance-like contact improvisation. We can also use our favourite exercises as a preparation for juggling. 15-20 minutes of bodywork before juggling not only protects us from injury, it also stimulates the brain-body connection and awakens our senses, leading us into creativity—it can also help to make our body movements and juggling more efficient, reliable, and beautiful to look at. It's a great habit to adopt.

Explorations and improvisations
We will do lots of explorations and improvisation work.
Also playing with the idea of the five elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air and
Space, moving like water being one of the most important principles of Fluid Juggling but not only) and the four basic emotions (Joy, Sadness, Fear and Anger) and as propellants for explorations in movement.
Imagine yourself to be at the centre of a sphere with complete freedom of movement in all six basic directions. This also includes spirals.

Fluid Juggling is based greatly on improvisation and the creation of many mini sequences from the material that emerges.
With the right mentality and the right structure, the possibilities become endless. And the ‘Fun’ shoots up to the stars, be it during practice, play, or performance.
We will work will balls, clubs and you are welcome to bring your own props.

Friday 19.30-22.00: welcome games and fluid juggling explorations.

Saturday 09.30-17.30: Bodywork, play-training, the 8 one ball “legatura” exercises, one, two and three prop juggling and movement explorations, stretching and loosening up the body.

Sunday 09.30-17.30: Bodywork, play-training, creativity, partner work, juggling and movement (five element work), stretching and loosening up the body.

On the Sunday afternoon we may well have an informal showing to a small group of observers.

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