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Friday, 2019-01-25 to Sunday, 2019-01-27


50 Embarcadero Rd






Come one, come all to the newest, FREE juggling-flow arts festival in California! We are currently planning an epic event for all hobbyists-pros-artists for Friday, January 25 through Sunday, January 27th.
Events include:
Friday Night Juggling Battle-7pm, Small Gym (in the true MadSkillz style--think breakdancing battle meets juggling)
Friday Night Fire Jam-9pm, Outside B-Ball Courts (after the is ON!)
Workshops all three days
Saturday Night Public Gala Show-7pm, Performing Arts Center
Games on Sunday-1pm, Small Gym
FREE Drawing on Sunday after the Games-Small Gym
The gym and theater(s) on campus are brand new, there's unicycling space outside the gym, and tons of food options are just across the street! Winter & Gravity be damned! Come to Game of Throws!

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