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Freitag, 27 Februar 2004 to Sonntag, 29 Februar 2004


Shanty Creek Resort - Bellaire, Michigan


A weekend of juggling, skiing, and the Juggler's World Cup Ski/Juggling competition!

We're very happy to say that World Champion 'Team Rootberry', Jonathon Root and Bill Berry, will not only be Featured in the Saturday night show and doing workshops, but are also entered in the Jugglers World Cup, the worlds first and longest running jugglers ski race!

Jugglers can get a room for $95. That includes tax, and is over 30% off. I think there are two beds, but pack em in. Contact: Leslie Chinn. Call 1-800-678-4111 and ask to be transferred to her. Or e-mail, . Tell her you are a juggler. For the record, since people will be able to watch the juggling, we pitched you all as performers, so if she asks if you are a performing juggler, say yes. That won't mean you have been collared into anything! Once again, there is no registration fee, and we have a good room for open juggling!

Lodging Will be at the Summit Building, as will the stage show. Some events will be at Schuss Mountain, and "Ivans", the restaurant at the bottom of that hill. It is part of the same resort, and you can catch a shuttle back and forth as late as anything's open.

Schedule: Friday night, sneak preview of Sat. night show at Ivan's. There will be a band there, as well.
Saturday, Noon, Jugglers World Cup. Practice begins at 9 AM. Two slalom courses will be set up, one on a beginner hill, and one on a fairly challenging hill. This year skiers and snowboarders will compete separately.
Awards ceremony in Ivan's at 4. A friend of mine will be doing an apres ski show, and we'll heckle him.
Stage show at 8 PM at the summit, featuring Team Rootberry, Josh Casey, Lee Malone and the Monkey Business Band, and the now famous "Young Performers" segment, where we highlight up and coming young jugglers. That room is ours from Sat. morning until Sun. noon, so stay and juggle after the show all night if you wish. Workshops will be held after the show.

Sunday, around noon, some of us will try ski-jumping while juggling to celebrate leap day. No pressure..

Hope to see you there!
Tommy Tropic

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