2nd International Meeting of Jugglers

(2' Meeting Giocolieri to its friends)

All juggling events in 1989
Juggling events in Italien‎, 1989


Donnerstag, 27 April 1989 to Donnerstag, 4 Mai 1989




Programme of events:
27-28 April: arrival of jugglers, accommodation in the hotels of Verona, meeting with the town authorities.
29 Apr.: inauguration parade with evening show in the Roman amphitheatre. The display will be filmed by Italian television.
30 Apr. -4 May:
-shows in the streets and squares of Verona;
-juggling displays for pupils of different schools, eachers, youth-leaders, social centres for enior citizens;
-meeting with experts in the art of juggling (only for jugglers) The jugglers have the opportunity of meeting and training in some gymnasiums.
Accommodation and Meals: Between 28 April and 1 May jugglers will be the guest of the municipal authorities of Verona with accommodation and meals paid for.
During the days immediately after the meeting in Verona there will be the opportunity to organise shows in dif-ferent towns n the north of Italy (Venice, Padua, Vicenza, Mantua, Trento, Brescia). The Sports Division of the Municipal Administration will organise and co-ordinate transport arrangements. Jugglers have the authorisation to promote their shows in public with the opportunity of collecting money.

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