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Saturday, 2016-05-21


Preston Park, Preston Road, Brighton, BN1 6DT



Come to Brighton for a daytime of warm sun filled spinning and several workshops in the beautiful green Preston Park by the Clock Tower followed by a fire jam in the evening.

This event will happen before Brighton’s normal monthly Fire Jam and is open to everyone from complete beginners to professional circus performers.

I will be adding further details of the workshops that will be taught once I have confirmed what they are. If you would like to teach a workshop or have a workshop that you would like someone to teach then please add a post on the facebook page or send me a message.

Bring blankets, hoops, staffs, clubs, diablos, poi, juggling balls and any other type of circus equipment along to this event as well as minirigs and and smiles.

We will also have at least one slackline set up for you to play on hopefully we can get more.

If you have anything you would like to bring along to this event feel free to add a post on the facebook event page or send me a message.

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