French National Juggling Convention - Jongl'ô Païs 2016

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Mittwoch, 13 Juli 2016 to Sonntag, 17 Juli 2016




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C'est parti pour la troisième rencontre de cirque et de jonglerie de Vanosc ! La convention nationale 2016

Nous vous attendons nombreux dans nos vertes montagnes ardèchoises.

Au programme de nombreux spectacles, animations, ateliers.

Et aussi deux chapiteaux, un gymnase, un camping, un resto,

une buvette...Ouhh lala-lalaa!!!

Que de bonnes choses organisées par une équipe de bénévoles sur motivés....

A très vite !

The French National Juggling Convention is the biggest juggling event in France. Professional jugglers, street performers and amateur jugglers from all over the world travel to this festival to practice, skill share/ exchange tricks, and have fun together. The convention takes place in a different place in France each year. From the 13th of July till the 17th of July 2016 it is the turn of our ''JOP'' convention to host the National Convention and it will be held in Vanosc 07690 !

The French Juggling Convention 2016 will take place at a great venue. There is one large sports halls (700m²) and its surrounded by a spacious site that includes a campsite and a festival village. The site is conveniently located next to Lyon, at approximately 1 hour car ride and 1h15 from Lyon airport.

For everyone! The programme includes activities for jugglers and circus enthusiasts of all ages and all levels. There are beginners’ workshops as well as special master classes at an advanced level. The programme is filled with world-class shows and performances. There will be a special Aerial space, a gym, a fire show for July 14 and of course a lot of space to practice juggling, Spinning, Clowning, Stilts walking, playing and discovering object manipulation and more...

More info and programme coming soon

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