Jongliertreffen Karlsruhe

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Juggling events in Deutschland‎, 1990


Freitag, 8 Juni 1990 to Sonntag, 10 Juni 1990


Unisporthallen Halle I und 11 u. "Altes Stadion", Universität Karlsruhe

This is Karlsruhe Jonglierfestival event.


KONTAKT: Jutta C. Beyer

Preis: DM 25. (lncl 1 Essen + 1 Frühstück)


Place: University sports halls: Halle I, Halle III and the "old stadium".
Registration: from 3pm in the foyer of the main hall (Halle I).
Programme: conventional
Accommodation: Either private, or near the action in one of the gymnastics rooms. We're also trying to organise camping facilities.
Price: DM 25, including an evening meal, breakfast, public show + sightseeing tour of Karlsruhe in a chartered tram!!

Contact: Jutta C. Beyer

Price: DM 25.- (incl 1 meal + 1 breakfast)

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