Convencion Internacional de Circo de Venezuela.

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Juggling events in Venezuela‎, 2003


Mittwoch, 8 Oktober 2003 to Samstag, 11 Oktober 2003


Pueblo de La Sabana, edo Vargas.




In the little town of La Sabana in the Venezuelan central coast, the first Internacional Circus Convention in Venezuela will be held from October 8th to 12th of 2003. This first edition of Venezuelan circus party, will be a mix of beach, drums, street theater, hip hop, reggae, ska, punk rock, salsa and of course, a lot of circus. In complicity with the people of La Sabana, we will take different squares, stages, clubs, inns, beaches and even corners with juggling, aerial, acrobats, drums, workshops, salsa and other specialties; street spectacles, cabaret, concerts, renegades, games, video projections and gatherings.
And afterwards, from October 17th to 28th of 2003, with the event The Circus Takes the City, we will move to Caracas, where we will continue with the circus workshops. Those will be dictated at the Conservatorio Latinoamericano de Artes Escénicas facilities. There also will be spectacles in different Caracas squares and clubs. We will count with the participation of the more colorful artists from Europe and America.
Take your clubs, trapeze, or just yourself and come to La Sabana, Vargas State in Venezuela.
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