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Juggling events in Japan (日本)‎, 2003


Friday, 2003-08-22 to Sunday, 2003-08-24


Izumi Gymnasium in Sendai city, JAPAN



This is Japan Juggling Association event.


Japan Juggling Festival 2003(JJF2003) will be held
in Sendai city, Japan this summer (Aug.22-24).
Pre-registration has started.

There will be a public show, a contest, free stages and
a lot of workshops and games.
You can find almost everything you expect in juggling festivals
(Sorry, the gym has to be closed during nights).

The theme of JJF2003 is "Young and Talented".
You'll see the theme in the list of performers
for the Public Show.

JJF2003 public show will feature:

Vova & Olga Galchenko from Russia
No explanation needed here in rec.juggling.
The rising stars of ball and club juggling armed with piano.

Ryo Yabe,a local in Sendai
2002 IJA Junior Champion.
He is a young master of diabolos and he also is good at
clubs and balls.
He won in a TV show contest in Japan and caught the hearts
of general audience.
How far has he gone since last year?

Hard Puncher Shinn-no-suke, Japan (MC)
One of the best devilstick players in Japan.
He mixes crisp and technical devilstick routines
with twisted sense of humor.

You can get the idea of JJF in JUGGLE magazine (Jan/Feb 2003).
The size of the festival is rather small yet,
but the attendants are quite enthusiastic and innovative.

If you have any plan to visit Japan this summer,
why don't you spend a few days in JJF2003?

Aug. 22(Fri) - 24(Sun), 2003
The gym will open at 9:00a.m.

The public show will start at 18:30 on Aug.23.
The contest will be held from 15:00 before the show.

Izumi gymnasium in Sendai city in Miyagi prefecture, JAPAN
(The public show and the contest will be held in a theater,
not in the gym.)

Festival Price(pre-registration recommended) :
Non-members : 10,000 yen for 3(or 2) days, 5,000 yen for 1day
Members : 6,000 yen for 3 (or 2) days, 3,000 yen for 1day
(JJF2003 is held by Japan Juggling Association)

After Aug.11, extra 1,000yen will be charged.
If you are 18 years old or younger, the price will be half.

Public Show Price :
2,000yen (with reservation by Aug.11)
2,300yen (after Aug.11)

Questions and Pre-registration :
Please mail to "jjf@juggling.jp" either in English or Japanese.

There are web pages for JJF2003 at
http://www.juggling.jp/jjf/jjf2003/, but only in Japanese yet.
We will make English summary soon.

See you in Sendai!

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