Camp Fire VII

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Freitag, 5 Juni 2015 to Montag, 8 Juni 2015


Harmony Park Music Garden, 79503 298th Street, Clarks Grove, MN 56016



Camp Fire is a conscious Midwest-grown performance arts weekend retreat filled to the brim with over 100+ classes on object manipulation (poi, staff, hoop, fans, juggling, etc), fire dancing & safety, aerial, dance, acrobatics, yoga, and other performance arts inspired art forms.
Camp Fire is a focal point for the performing arts community to gather and transmit the experience of collective and individual transformation through active participation in expressive forms of communication with the ultimate goal of promoting conscious living and a culture of sustainability.

Camp Fire’s goal is to bring the community together to expand our understanding of movement-based knowledge through education offered in workshops and through peer sharing. Refine your technique and experience others passionate about their art and get inspired.

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