1st Annual Spokane Circus Festival

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Mittwoch, 15 Januar 2014 to Sonntag, 19 Januar 2014


Spokane Aerial Performance Arts LLC, 5503 E Broadway, Suite 1, Spokane Valley, WA 99212




Our goal is a celebration of the art, music and culture of all people. The mission is to engage, cultivate and educate diverse audiences about the arts, culture, athleticism, music and opportunities for artistic, creative expression and enhance the quality of life in the community.
The Festival will be an assembly of artists from around the world featuring aerial acts on silk tissue, comedy acts, cyr wheel, and Russian bar. Also offered are workshops such as kids juggling, lyra act review, circus acrobatics, hoop dancing, theatre and act creation and comedy/clowning.
The Festival encourages among its patrons an appreciation of and interest in art, expression and athletic endeavors. The Festival also values the interaction of patrons with artists, and seeks to provide opportunities for dialogue and education, both within the artistic community and between artists and the general public. We will strive to exert a positive impact on the community.

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