Winter Juggling Convention 2015

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Freitag, 13 März 2015 to Sonntag, 15 März 2015


Gravin van Schonbornlaan 4, Heerlen, the Netherlands





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Fight Night Combat Tournament


A bit later than you're expected from us, but officially it will be still winter. The 14th edition of the Winter Juggling Convention will take place from the 13th of March till the 15th 2015

It will take place again in the big hall "in den Biessen" in Heerlen. It is easy to access with public transport (Maastricht Airport just 20km away!) but also by car. From Friday night till Sunday afternoon you can juggle as much as you want and even in the night.

It’s a weekend stuffed with workshop for all levels, so also for beginners that want to try new stuff. Of course also this year there will be a splashing open stage in which you can also perform your act!

Also there will be an excellent catering and on Saturday night you can relax a while in the big pool together to get ready for the intense fight-night later that evening.

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