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Saturday, 2014-08-23


Ganga Farm, Bangalore




Nature is made manifest by the meeting of stillness and movement. Nature creates and destroys as fire, flows and transcends as water and air, pulls like gravity, stretches like time, seems like the senses, mystifies like the unconscious, gratifies like music, empowers as dance, follows a stupendous math, and yet is utterly playful…

We are back ... FLUID 2 The second edition of Fluid , a collective gathering striving to observe and express the nature inherent within and around us by embodying the most apparent medium of nature - play. At the core of the movement, we are a tribe of performers and dancers of the various flow and fire arts.

We welcome all enthusiasts, newbies, and ninjas to share with us, their space, ideas, and insights into their unique forms of play dedicated to the realms of movement, flow and fire. We are a noholds-barred, do-it-yourself, open source platform, which means if you’re an artist practicing a creative form, give us a shout and we will co-ordinate the stage for you to both showcase or share your play with the flow.

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