Schärding Juggling Convention 2012

(Schärding Juggling Convention to its friends)

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Friday, 2012-10-19 to Sunday, 2012-10-21


Bezirkssporthalle, Schulstr. 5, 4780 Schärding, AUSTRIA



There will be:

a triple gymnasium (open round the clock)
Workshops on Friday, Saturday, Sunday
great evening Gala show on Saturday
Classrooms for sleeping (don't forget sleeping bags and camping mats !)
Available with all meals (2 breakfasts and 2 dinners at the inn "Kapsreiter Bräustüberl")

Because of the limited number of sleeping options, number of participants limited to 200.

On Saturday there will be a gala show.
Francoise Rochais
Doug Sayers
Christof Buch
Team Jonglissimo
Valerian Kapeller
Markus Furtner
Fabio Zimmermann
Adrien Mirle
Tom Birringer
Canaval Twins
Fine Seufzer

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