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Freitag, 25 September 2009 to Sonntag, 27 September 2009





Now in its 5th year, the "Clonakilty Convention" continues to evolve, pushing beyond the "juggling" boundaries and aims to include all forms of body and object movement and manipulation arts:

- Object manipulation - juggling in all its forms,
- Movement - dance, martial arts (capoiera, tai chi, kung fu, etc) urban arts (breakdance, parkour, etc), etc
- Performance - theater, clowning, improvisation, etc,
- Physical and mental fitness - Alexander technique, yoga, massage, nutritional therapy for you art form etc
- And many related elements such as learning techniques, sound manipulation (beatbox, instrument experimentation and manipulation), etc etc.

Also as we attempt to bring the convention more and more to the people of the town with a public fire show, children's workshops, gala show and the games in the centre of town. To have such an amazing gathering of talent and skills in one place and for only us to witness it is a great shame. The impact that an event like this can have is not to be underestimated, especially as we plant the seeds for the next generation of jugglers, performers and artists.

We have renamed the convention "Motion Festival" in an attempt to create an event welcoming all types of these skills as well as making it a bit more public friendly, and so that next year while I apply for grants and talk to town councillors I don't have to struggle with the mouthful of "Clonakilty object manipulation and movement convention"!

This convention aims to be a serious learning experience for the people involved, to push the level of circus and performance arts and skills and to really make this a weekend of reaching for the next level. To make an event to expose people to many different skills and ways, to give people a chance to take that very difficult first step into the unknown (as dance was for me) and to open the door for people so they can leave having tried something new so the next time it will be all the easier. I want people to be able to easily choose between the many beautiful ways, to combine the different art forms together and to create new amazing thingsā€¦. And also to have some serious shindiggery!!!

Artists include: Aragorn "Bishop" Boulanger (windstyle, dance + movement), Matthias Romir "Pinball Paranoia" (club, ball and experimental juggling and manipulation), Nico (contact juggling, movement and balance), Nicolas Longuechaud (hoop manipulation), Camille (club swinging and manipulation), Cecilia Manfrini and Lukas Wiesner (Acrobatics, Contortion, Juggling), Meg Claire Pike "MCP" (Staff), Darragh McLoughlin (Ball Juggling), Chloe De Buyl Pisco (Dance), Ronan McLoughlin (Poi), Keith Marshall (Poi), Cyrille Humen (Poi), Thomas Johannson (Poi)
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This year we are arranging street performance pitches in the centre of Clonakilty - a great way for people to help cover their costs/make some money while at the convention as well as entertainment for the town and a way to let people know what is going on. Send me an email if you or your group would like to sign up!

We are looking for volunteers to help run everything once again. As the event becomes more and more complex we need more and more help to make sure things run smoothly and I'm not stressed out of my brain. Please contact us if you are up for volunteering, people who volunteer for extended periods of time may be rewarded with food and possibly even free entry. We are looking for people to help set up, decorate, steward people during the public events, teach childrens workshops, etc, etc. please get involved. Send me a message

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